César Chávez and Harriet Tubman’s Methods of Fight

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Have you ever wondered how it was back in time? Cesar Chavez helped farmers and Harriet Tubman helped slaves. They both accomplished their goal of fighting for human rights cesar chavez helped improve farmers life, On the introduction the paragraph stated “Chavez and his supporters successful improved the lives of farmers around the country,and his speeches about justice,community,and education still resonate with community activists and politicians today” Harriet tubman saved more than 300 slaves and told her story to many people.

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In my opinion I think that Harriet Tubman’s methods were very effective when fighting for human rights. The reason why I think Harriet tubman’s methods were better was because she was very intelligent, she could never be fooled by anyone. She saved more than 300 slaves. On chapter 13 on page 123 the text stated “She had been guiding escaping slaves to the north and freedom largely because she wanted to rescue members of her own family” that stated that harriet tubman was very encouraged to fight for human rights and did everything to make it happen because she didn’t want people to go through the pain in being a slave because she went through it and it wasn’t a good experience for her and she wanted to make it stop because she wanted others to have freedom and not to be owned by a specific person.That’s why i believe that harriet tubman methods were more effective.

Cesar Chavez was a mexican american, that helped farmers in need because they weren’t getting the treatment they should have been getting, he helped farmers get more money and supported them so they can have a better life and also put portopodies, drinking water and somewhere hey can wash their hands in the farming places he gave them resources they should have been getting but never ad because their owners did not provide it for them and never thought about providing it. On page 276 on paragraph 9 the paragraph stated “ the First comprehensive Union Medical ( and later dental and vision) benefits for Farm Workers and their families do or joint Union employer Health and Welfare fund, the Robert F. Kennedy medical plan, which has paid out more than 250 million and benefits.” that quote meant that they provide a medical/dental/vision service for farmers which helped because when the farmers got hurt they had nowhere to go because they didn’t have insurance. Cesar Chavez’s methods in human rights were effective .

In conclusion Harriet Tubman and Cesar Chavez both had things in common, that was to fight for what they wanted..Cesar chavez was a hardworking man and was worshipped by many mexicans for helping farmers in need, although both methods were very effective in many ways I think harriet had the most effective ways in human rights she did everything she could so she could help slaves and help human rights.Therefore as a result i think that harriet tubman’s methods were helpful and inspiring.

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