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Symbol of Joan of Arc

How much would you pay to save your loved ones, your state, and your nation? Would you give your life to be burned at the stake? Well this scenario was a reality for Joan of Arc in the 13th century. Joan of Arc symbolizes, a sword for her loyalty to her army, a cross to […]

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Joan of Arc: the Historical Saint

Jeanne d’Arc is a historical figure that had a great impact in many different aspects. She is well known and has many different titles such as, Joan of Arc, Saint Joan, Joan the maid, and Maid of Orleans. She was the catalyst that ended the Hundred Years War by insisting that the French army fight […]

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How and why did Joan of Arc Rebel against the Law?

It was a hard time in France, for the Hundred Year War was underway. The English were in control of much of France, until one 18 year old peasant girl came and led the French. How and why did this woman do this despite the laws and norms at the time? Joan of Arc was […]

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Saint Joan of Arc

Saint Joan of Arc, born in 1412 in Domremy, France, was a Catholic woman in the French Military. At the time of Joan’s birth, the Hundred year war was very much active. Joan was born to a poor Catholic family, which influenced her dedication to the faith, and her tough spirit. Joan would frequently have […]

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Joan of Arc: a Faithful Hero

Then, in January 1429, a 17-year-old-fashioned Barton child emerged from Domrémy (a village in what is now Lorraine), claiming to have embrace saintlike orders to free the country. Joan’s bug of Robert de Baudricourt, lead of the castle in nearby Vaucouleurs, had her (after versal amusement) sent 325 miles sunset to the Loire Valley, where […]

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The Virgin Warrior: the Life and Death of Joan of Arc.

Introduction When thinking of famous women throughout history, Joan of Arc (also known as Joan the Maid) is almost always one who comes to mind first. Known both in a historical and religious context, Joan was a woman admired both for her courage and devotion to God. Larissa Juliet Taylor is a scholar and professor […]

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Phenomenon of Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc is one of the most famous women in history.  As a teenager living in northern France during the time of the 100-year war between England in France, she claimed to be chosen by God to lead the French army to battle to save her country from falling to England.  Despite her age, […]

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France and Joan of Arc

In the year 1412, Joan of Arc, or in French Jeanne d’Arc, was born as the daughter of a well-off (in comparison to neighbors) peasant family in Domrémy, France. Domrémy borders Champagne and Lorraine, France. As a young girl, Joan was very individualistic and was not seen to be in community with other children in […]

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Story of Joan of Arc

Looking back sixty years before Joan was born, were nothing less than times of uncertainty. Besides the war, the plague of 1348-50 and its resurgence every couple of years had depleted the social and economic structures of Europe (Taylor). Up to the 1380s, thousands of laborers, peasants and serfs had begun to revolt against the […]

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