The Exemplification of Dangerous Smartphone Habits in Modern Relationships

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Updated: Aug 23, 2023
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Technology has taken over the world and taken it by storm. No single place in this world is void of it, even remote places such as Antarctica and the deserts. The smallest and most versatile technological device is a smartphone, which has spread among the populace alarmingly. With new tools come new habits, and some phone habits are very toxic to any relationship.

1. Hiding What Makes You Smile From Your Significant Other

We all scroll through memes and receive texts that make us smile.

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Sometimes, we are so engrossed in our smartphones and the world they open up to us that we disregard our partners in favor of our phones. That is all fine and well, for everybody needs some personal space. However, what is not acceptable is not to show your partner what makes you smile. A good relationship is built on trust, and not showing them what makes you smile might stir some doubt in them. Also, a couple who laughs together is solid and destined to stay together for a long time.

2. Never Getting Separated from Your Phone

We are constantly attached to our phones in our current age and era. We feel we cannot go out without them, as if they are stuck to us by some super glue. We leave a room with our phones in our grasp. Even the bathroom is not safe from the phone visit. If you are living with your partner and you carry your phone around with you at all times, they might get suspicious, and suspicion is very damaging for all relationships.

3. Phubbing

Phubbing is getting lost in your phone and losing track of any conversation you are trying to hold. There was a time when such a habit was frowned upon and considered uncouth and uncultured. Nowadays, while it is more acceptable, it is still an obscene gesture, and with your partner, it will make them feel they are not your priority. Studies have shown that over 45% of people are constantly phubbed by their partners and that over 7% of relationships end because of this habit.

4. You Have to Check Your Notifications ASAP

With the multitude of social media apps available to us, we are constantly flooded with notifications, which is all fine and well. Nonetheless, the urge to check notifications as soon as you receive them might interrupt your conversation or break the line of thought of your partner. It is entirely understandable to want to stay up to date. Even so, your partner has to be your priority.

5. Answering Emails During Post-work Hours

It is standard for both parties in a relationship to lead hectic and jammed lives. There is work at play, exercise, family matters, and several other factors that fill up your schedules. However, once you leave work, you should leave work behind. That means no answering emails after leaving work or pulling out work on your phone while you are with your partner.

6. Constantly on Your Phone

In our era of speed, we are denied the precious time we can spend with our partners. Only at the end of the day, during dinner, are we truly cleared to spend some precious moments with them. These moments can be ruined by constantly checking your phone, thus leading to each of you busy holding your phone and eating, uncaring of the one on the other side of the table.

7. Emoji =/Emotions

While extremely expressive, emojis are far from a viable substitute for tender words and romantic language. Merely sending a heart does not mean the same as when you send the “I love you.” Granted, they are more fun and colorful, but, as Robin Williams once said, “Language was invented for one reason, boys – to woo women – and, in that endeavor, laziness will not do.” If you notice any of these habits in you or your partner, you ought to talk about them.


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