Cons of Illegal Immigration

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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Millions of immigrants come to the United States. Illegal immigration has been an ongoing issue for many years. They may come here for a better life, job opportunities, better life, and many more reasons. These undocumented immigrants leave everything they have at home to come here. They risk a lot. They come for the better for themselves and their families. These immigrants come here for a purpose whether financial issues or the better. Many come for better education and job opportunities for their children.

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But, their needs to be a better way for them to come and a there should be a stop to this.

Many beginner level jobs go to these people and not American citizens. Illegal immigrants take many of the jobs that American citizens could have had. Donald Trump has discussed building a wall on the Mexican border to prevent many of the immigrants trying to leave Mexico. I do not believe this will work. Many of the illegal immigrants that come to America come here by plane then just over stay their visa. This may leave U.S. citizens jobless.

Undocumented immigrants have an effect on the economy. There are many issues with the economy without including undocumented immigrants. With eliminating this, there will be one less problem. Illegal immigration worsens the economy. Illegal immigration also increases the population, as well. Most of the illegal immigrants that come to the United States do not come alone but with their families. Many of these families are pretty big, too. Many schools do not have enough space for all the students attending. For example, the high school I attended had to make the library into multiple ESL classrooms. So, this increases the population in schools. This will also increase the price of taxes payed by American citizens while these undocumented immigrants do not pay a penny. U.S. taxpayers pay more than $100 million a year for all the taxes to be payed.

Citizens of the United States already have issues with their insurance. Illegal immigrants do not have any insurance, so this will increase the price on U.S. citizens’ insurance and taxes. It actually already does. Illegal immigrants can get treated for free. This does not make sense because U.S. citizens will not be taken care of unless they have insurance. This is not fair between the U.S citizens and illegal immigrants.

I understand that illegal immigrants may leave everything behind for a better life but, they should come like the other immigrants who come legally. I also believe that officials need to figure out a way to manage this. They need to figure out a way to fix this issue. It is becoming a bigger issue than ever, and it is increasing. The government needs to set some type of boundary to prevent the overpopulation, insurance and tax issues, and job opportunities. There are many issues with this topic. Many of the people are affected by this. This affects people’s funds as well.

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