Illegal Immigrants: Huge Controversial in the United States

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Updated: Aug 18, 2019
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Illegal Immigrants: Huge Controversial in the United States essay

Years by years, there are many news and stories on illegal immigrants. The first case started between two illegal immigrants who got arrested for speed driving by two sheriffs, the two sheriff ended up beating them badly, even though the two persons weren’t aren’t armed.(Who does not like Immigrants?, n.d) Many people felt bad about them but others who didn’t because they came to the U.S with no documents or came illegally.(Who does not like Immigrants?, n.d) That’s when the whole problem started to get bigger. Many citizens, not many of the them, would discriminate and bad talk to many illegal immigrants. They would try to protest to get them back where they are from or call immigration. Many people discourage them because people would think they are taking their jobs or bring crimes in the U.S., but that is not the case. Infact, many legal immigrants come to the U.S. because they want a job that will be beneficial for them to maintain their families they have in the U.S and in Mexico.

To many illegal immigrants, they only come for a reason in which they have to sacrifice themselves in. Coming to the United States is very difficult to come and leave home because they don’t know what to expect or imagine. Many people aren’t providing them or letting them rent a place or to stay such as property, it isn’t fair without knowing their background. Illegal immigrants in the U.S. should have the right to live in any property because they do not do harm to anyone or the place. Many illegal immigrants leave their country, Mexico, because the poverty over there is very low, that many of the jobs don’t pay a good amount for many labor hours. The only option they can do is move to the United States. According to Anderson (2016) Many immigrants leave their countries in order to live their version of an American Dream (p.997). The American Dream is what they inspect of getting a lot money and living a good life, but that is not the case.When moving to the United States, illegal immigrants arrange themselves through Texas to Mexico where they start to live at. (Coever, 2004, p.1) Theses types of states are to consider where to find good jobs and are close by. Many illegal immigrants have a difficult time to find a place to stay because many citizens are not happy of having them.

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According to Thomas (2010), Farmers Branch, Texas became the first municipality to have a public vote to ban undocumented immigrants from renting apartments. (103) To keep their ban of undocumented immigrants, businesses get punished who hired them, they call the police or deported them. Many of the people of Farmers Branch, Texas are worried of the public health, safety, and welfare for the people. (Thomas, 2010, p.103) They are willing to do anything because the government is failing their demand and not listening to them. The thing if they try to do this demand is that they will affect the state and the rest of the economy. For instance, many people assume that illegal immigrants are harmful to people or bring crimes. According to Burnett (2018, May 02) stated from a criminologist from University of Wisconsin, Madison that the immigration of illegal immigrants has increased since 1990 but not crimes such as violent, murder, rape or robbery ever since. Farmers Branch, Texas, believe that illegal immigrants increase full crime but that is not true, the crime decreased 27% that happened in 1995 to 2005.(Thomas, 2010, p. 118)

This proves that not many illegal immigrants are criminals and harmful to the people, many other states will start to think right about them and think wrong rumors. Many illegal immigrant don’t do crimes but have to suffer through the crimes in the environment they used to live in and have to protect themselves. According to Anderson (2016), may moved from El Salvador because gangs were taking over their country. (p.999) When people suffered from the bad people and the only way is to move far from the crime. Which there is a huge different in doing a crime or being far from a crime. Another cause that will happen if immigrants get deported, it will affect the financials.

According to Thomas (2010) taxes will increase because if the legal challenges that will be brought from the local people and spending a lot of money and years just to defend the case of demand. (p.117) When Escondido, California abandoned the demand, they saved themselves $1 million. (Thomas, 2010, p.117) For agreeing to the demand, Hazleton, Pennsylvania, stated that they spended $82,000 which affected the city to lose all vehicles and supplies to fix the roads. It is hard to lose that much money that will be beneficial to the city, especially in a case that will take long to resolve. If many illegal immigrants leave, many stores, restaurants will start to close down.(Thomas, 2010, 117) Many of these stores hired many illegal immigrants because many of them need the help to gain the money to send to their families.

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