Illegal Immigrants: Huge Controversial in the United States

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Updated: Oct 19, 2023
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Venturing into the heart of the debate, this essay presents the controversies surrounding illegal immigrants in the US. Touching upon societal perceptions, political ideologies, economic arguments, and security concerns, it paints a vivid picture of a nation deeply divided on this issue. At PapersOwl too, you can discover numerous free essay illustrations related to Crime topic.

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Year after year, numerous news stories emerge about illegal immigrants. The first prominent case involved two illegal immigrants who were arrested for speeding by two sheriff’s deputies. The deputies ended up severely beating them, even though the arrested individuals were unarmed. (“Who does not like Immigrants?”, n.d.) Many people empathized with them, while others showed no sympathy due to their illegal entry into the U.S. (“Who does not like Immigrants?”, n.d.) This marked the beginning of escalating tensions.

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A significant number of citizens began to discriminate against and speak ill of many illegal immigrants. They attempted to mount protests to have them deported, or called the immigration authorities on them. The common refrain was that these immigrants were stealing jobs or increasing the crime rate in the U.S., both of which are misconceptions. In reality, many legal immigrants come to the U.S. seeking employment opportunities to support their families, both in the U.S. and in Mexico.

For many illegal immigrants, the journey to the U.S. is necessitated by dire circumstances that force them to make significant sacrifices. The move can be difficult due to the uncertainties that they face upon arrival. A major challenge is finding accommodation, as many landlords refuse to rent to them without considering their backgrounds. However, illegal immigrants should have the right to reside wherever they choose, as they do not pose a threat to others or to their environment. Many depart from Mexico due to its overwhelming poverty and the poor wages paid for labor. Their only viable option is often to relocate to the United States. As Anderson (2016) explains, “Many immigrants leave their countries in order to live their version of the American Dream” (p.997). The expectation is a higher income and a better quality of life, but these hopes are often dashed. Upon relocating to the United States, illegal immigrants usually settle in regions close to the Mexican border, such as Texas (Coever, 2004, p.1). These states are considered desirable due to the availability of jobs. These immigrants, however, often struggle to find accommodation due to the hostility they encounter from local residents.

According to Thomas (2010), Farmers Branch, Texas, became the first municipality to have a public vote to ban undocumented immigrants from renting apartments (p.103). To uphold their ban on undocumented immigrants, businesses that hired them faced repercussions, undergoing inspections by the police or risking deportation. Many people in Farmers Branch, Texas, worry about public health, safety, and welfare (Thomas, 2010, p.103). They are willing to take action because they believe the government is not addressing their concerns. However, implementing such a ban could impact the state and the rest of the economy. Many people assume that illegal immigrants are dangerous or prone to criminal activity. Burnett (2018, May 02) cited a criminologist from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, stating that although illegal immigration has increased since 1990, crime rates including violent crimes, murder, rape, or robbery, have not. Residents of Farmers Branch, Texas, may believe that illegal immigrants contribute to crime, but statistics show a 27% decrease in crime from 1995 to 2005 (Thomas, 2010, p. 118).

This disproves the notion that many illegal immigrants are criminals and harmful to society. If other states perceive this, they might dispel unfounded rumors about them. Most of the illegal immigrants do not engage in criminal activities but often are victims of crime in their countries of origin. According to Anderson (2016), many flee from places like El Salvador due to rampant gang activity (p.999). People who’ve suffered from such circumstances often look to distance themselves from crime, illuminating a stark contrast between perpetrating crime and escaping from it. Another repercussion of mass deportation is its impact on the economy.

As Thomas (2010) noted, deportation could lead to increased taxes due to the inevitable legal challenges brought by local residents, resulting in significant spending on court fees and years spent on defense (p.117). Escondido, California, saved an estimated $1 million by abandoning similar plans (Thomas, 2010, p.117). Conversely, Hazleton, Pennsylvania, squandered $82,000 in agreeing to implement this policy, leading to a citywide loss of vehicles and supplies for maintaining roads. Losing such a vast sum of money, especially in drawn-out legal battles, could be detrimental to any city. Additionally, a decrease in the population of illegal immigrants could lead to the closure of local businesses, including stores and restaurants (Thomas, 2010, p.117). Retailers often employ immigrants who rely on these jobs to support their families back home.

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