Prejudice Towards Illegal Immigrants

Thesis: The Illegal immigrant are sometimes judged as harmful people who come to America and destroy this country. However, most of them are very hardworking people looking for a better life to support their families. Illegal immigrants come to the United States to keep their families safety Immigrants contribute to the United States workforce About 90 percent of undocumented immigrants in the nation work 2.

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If employers can keep wages down by hiring illegal immigrants, then these savings are presumably transferred to consumers in the form of lower prices. Illegal immigrants are taking jobs Americans do not want. Washing dishes, grape harvesting, roofing houses, hotel rooms-these tasks are more and more carried out by Hispanic workers. They filled newly created jobs and filled vacancies as natives moved up in the queue. They played a significant role in rebuilding the city when nobody else would do the dirty work.

The conditions in Mexico are becoming increasingly dangerous Drug gangs threaten Mexico’s safety Nearly 200 people, most of them immigrants from the United States, were killed last spring in Tamaulipas after being seized by gunmen believed to be linked to the Zetas drug gang. In Piedras Negras, the Mexican army rescued 61 immigrants from a safe house. Mexican authorities say that immigrants were detained for ransom and forced to work for the cartel. There are few jobs in Mexico, so immigrants come to the USA. Long-standing migration has been discarded as the U.S. downturn destroyed jobs that once drew legions of Mexican workers. The income gap between the United States and Mexico is the largest between the two neighboring countries in the world. The United States has a huge Hispanic population. America’s history contributes to continued immigration Americans like their past success in bringing millions of immigrants into society. Almost all Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah were part of Mexico until they were lost by the Texas War of Independence and the Mexico-American War of 1846-48. The Hispanic population is growing in immigration. 46.5 percent of the residents of Los Angeles are Hispanic. It is estimated that by 2050, too much of the U.S. population will be Hispanics

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