Racial Inequality in America

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Inequality in America Race can be used as a factor when determining the probability of graduating high school, going to college, or even maintaining a livable income as an adult. The fact that your racial ethnicity can have an impact on the way your future unfolds, showcases the amount of inequality facing America. If you are skeptical of your race playing a role in the amount of options you have at hand, look no further than statistical evidence. There is a huge gap between races when it comes to employment, wealth, being convicted, and even the chances of getting pulled over by a police officer. I will further demonstrate evidence of racial inequality in America and where it stems from.
· A black man is more likely to be convicted or serve a longer time in jail than a white man. Will use People V. Turner as evidence.
· African-American and Latinos are more likely to drop out of high school.?· Black men are more likely to find themselves unemployed.
· African Americans, Native Americans, and Latinos are more likely to be born into a family with less wealth, education, and income
· Black men can likely find themselves unemployed in United States of America.

According to the research which was carried out in 2016 it found that Asians, non-Hispanic whites, Hispanics and blacks were unemployed (Bonilla-Silva 205). This was due to racial segregation and job decentralization in America. Racial segregation has been used to push blacks and Hispanic to areas where there is no jobs. For example, black Americans and Hispanics are pushed into central city when the job opportunities moves to the suburbs. This creates the issue of geographic separation between the blacks and job opportunities in America. The blacks are unable to commute at the suburbs since they lack transport means. This racial segregation and job decentralization leads to rates of the unemployment among the blacks and Hispanic populations. The issue of white gain has also contributed to the disparity between black American and white. The majority group have to benefit from the minority group.

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Example, in the job sector, the job which is not taken by the blacks is taken by the whites. In United States, whites benefits from discrimination of the minority groups like blacks. In areas with high number of the blacks, there is high rates of ratio discrimination as whites have to gain. This leads too high numbers of the unemployment among the black American in America. Due to most of the blacks lacking academic success, there may be disparity when it comes to employment. Blacks faces the racial discrimination in the job market due to fact that they don’t have the relevant skills to enter the modern work force in United States.African Americans, Native Americans, and Latinos are more likely to be born into a family with less wealth, education, and income. Black American has less wealth as compared to the whites. The wealth inequality are related to economic and poverty. This makes the families of the black Americans and Latinos to experience racial inequality in America (Oliver 115).

Families experience low wealth since black Americans have no enough capital to invest so as to accumulate wealth. Again, most American do not make use of financial institutions which can assist in accumulation of wealth. This creates wealth inequality between the blacks and whites. Most black American Black American also experience racial inequality in the sector of the education. The funds for supporting public education comes from local property tax. Tax revenue varies amongst school district and neighborhoods leading to disparity of the education between the blacks and the whites. Residential segregation in America makes the whites to live in the suburbs and blacks in the central cities. At shurbabs there is more wealth and property tax revenue as compared to central cities where blacks lives. This makes the funding of the district schools where the blacks attains education poor. This will create inequality in the level of education between the blacks and the whites hence leads to racial inequality in the education in America (Hero, 95).

Income disparity is experienced amongst whites and blacks. The blacks earns less salary as compared to whites even if they have same level of education. This makes the families of blacks to experience inequalities in terms of level of income. African-American and Latinos are more likely to drop out of high school. The parents of the black American are subjected to income and wealth inequality. Most of the black Americans are poor. The poor status of the Americans makes them to be unable to educate their children. Again, the funding of the district where the blacks lives is difficult since they pay less property tax which can be used to support the education of their children. This makes the children to drop out of the secondary school (Bonilla-Silva 205). This is geared by the racial inequality between black American and whites which forces black American to be poor and unable to support education. A black man is more likely to be convicted or serve a longer time in jail than a white man. Will use People V. Turner as evidence.

In this criminal case where tuner who was student athlete at Stanford university was convicted of sexual assault. Tuner was to be convicted for fourteen years but prosecutor recommendation made them to be six years. This shows how justice inequality in America makes black American to face long jail terms in America.To conclude, the issue of racial inequality exists today in America. This is witnessed by disparity in the wealth where the whites are wealthy as compared to the blacks in America. This is attributed by poverty in black American. The poverty is attributed to discrimination in the job market where blacks are paid less as compared to whites. Again there is inequality in employment opportunities where racial inequality makes the blacks to stay in the central cities where there is no job with whites living ay shurbabs where there is job opportunities.

Moreover white gains makes it practical to discriminate against blacks during employment where whites are employed as compared to blacks. There is presence of education inequality in America. Schools at the suburbs where whites live are well financed because of high property tax revenue. Property tax revenue is used to finance schools. Black Americans have less property tax revenue and therefore their schools at the central cities are not well financed. This leads to the racial inequality in education. Therefore there is the existence of the racial inequality in America which affects the lives of the black Americans negatively in American society.

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