Argument Essay – Disobedience

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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Argument Essay – Disobedience

This essay will provide guidance on how to write an effective argument essay. It will discuss key components such as developing a clear thesis statement, presenting well-reasoned arguments, using evidence, and addressing counterarguments. The piece will offer tips on structuring the essay, maintaining logical coherence, and employing persuasive language. It will also highlight common pitfalls to avoid in argumentative writing. On PapersOwl, there’s also a selection of free essay templates associated with Activism.

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“Disobedience can be viewed as an unhonorable trait, and is generally used in a negative connotation. I agree with Wilde. Disobedience can be a valuable human trait. If there is no rebellion or disobedience, what will impel people to challenge social norms? Through rebellion and disobedience, people can help to foster issues and injustices that that many are afraid to express candidly and publicly.

Just as there are circumstances when rebellion is negative and positive. In many cases, it is often necessary to be rebellious in order to do the right thing.

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Similar to Oscar Wilde’s quote, I feel that disobedience is the engine of progressive social change. Without any efforts to defy unjust laws, imagine the lives of those who may still be suffering or even living in fear. Martin Luther King, during the Civil Rights Movement, was an example of someone who was disobedient. King led peaceful marches and protests in an attempt to eradicate the idea of segregation of races. Mahatma Gandhi, an indian activist, is another example. Gandhi also led many peaceful indian independence movements against British rule. He fought against discrimination and the British’s religious hatred towards Muslims. Without these men leading a rebellion and being disobedient, it is very likely that these issues would still be apparent today.

There are many instances in which disobedience is not an unhonorable trait. Many historians would argue that, disobedience has led to a great amount of harm and violence and only hurts a situation, not promote it positively. For example, how the American Revolution led to violence and many deaths. While this may sound true, this claim fails to realize that the intentions of the revolution wasn’t simply to kill as many people on either side. Americans didn’t want to purposely harm each and every British soldier. They fought because they disagreed with the way they were treated. They fought in hopes of independence from British rule. This promoted social growth because, the political and social aspects of the United States After the war changed in the states. With British rule out of power, the newly united states could create their own form of central government.

There are limits when it comes to defying certain ideas and laws. If we were looking out for others, fighting for basic human rights, and doing so without intentionally hurting others (fighting for a cause), then, being disobedient and defiant should be considered honorable. Other examples include, actions necessary to effect change and help a society advance into a better, more civilized place.”

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