Positive Aspects of Globalization

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Due to Globalization, the world economy changed for the better due to, the poverty issue to its triumph in Australia. The new Mexican immigrants feeding their family and getting a job in the U.S. To the internet which could help 7% of the world population out of poverty. When it comes to globalization it is a positive effect on people and the economy, its positive because of its benefits of the worldwide people and political policies.

The first reason that Globalization changed the world for the better is that people aren’t in poverty.

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Though 3.2 Billion people in the world use the internet (THAT’S HALF THE POPULATION) we need more people, because the more people that use the internet the poverty rate goes down. “Connecting the majority of the world would also be a benefit the global economy by over 6 trillion USD, according to the study, and provide a $400 billion growth opportunity for telecom operators.” (Doc B). If you really think about it, that’s a great leap for people living in the struggle or anyone looking for places of income. Globalization can be positive in many ways as well as helping those in need or in a bad situation. This example is a very good deed Globalization does for us.

The second reason that Globalization changed for the better is that it improves the economy and homes of immigrants and the US. This makes jobs for many immigrants and replaces the lazy workers with perfectly fine strong men/women. (Doc D) This evidence is not necessarily written its used as a political ad/cartoon, that is objective in which view you see. The article states that Mexicans will get a job and yet be replaced with your job. Even though this is put in a negative connotation, it can be put in a positive line with this statement, there are 6.7 million job openings within America and half of Americans make more than 50k a year. There is enough openings for everyone and now immigrants have a way to acquire a job so they can pay bills and pay for their children (if they have any). Globalization has a seriously positive effect not even just immigrants, the entire US and in fact the world.

The third reason that Globalization changed the world for the better is because it decreases the poverty rate, increases the economy, expand life expectancy, infant mortality and adult literacy. It has improved everything in the last century let alone years. Even in Document I it says “The past century has seen more people lifted out of poverty than in all of history.” and “In 1820 85% of the population was in absolute poverty, in 1950 that number had fallen to 50%. Today it is about 20%.”. That is a very big difference especially since there are so many Americans, and if we are talking numbers there are 325.7 million people currently now 20% is in poverty and if we compare it to current days to the olden days (85%) then we would have a total of 276.84 MILLION people in poverty. That’s a very big difference if you put it into perspective.

Poverty is bad and Globalization improves it, which means Globalization is very beneficial to the economy and the people in the US.

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