The LGBT Subculture – Same-Sex Attraction

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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The LGBT Subculture – Same-Sex Attraction

This essay will explore the LGBT subculture, discussing its history, development, and the various forms of expression and community within it. It will also cover the challenges faced by LGBT individuals. Also at PapersOwl you can find more free essay examples related to Gender.

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The LGBT subculture refers the same-sex attraction. Individuals who belong in this subculture include Lesbians (females attracted to other females), Gays (males attracted to other males), Bisexuals (people attracted to both same and opposite sexes), and Transgenders (people who have undergone sex change). The LGBT subculture is among the minorities within society due to discrimination from individuals who are against the LGBT society. Individuals who belong to the LGBT subculture are vulnerable as they face the risk of being attacked through hate crimes within society.

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 In this presentation, I will discuss the following:

  • Sociological analysis of the LGBT subculture.
  • Society’s perspective-(cultural and religious values).
  • Problems of LGBT subculture (psychiatric issues, safety issues, and discrimination). Effect of LGBT subculture on society.
  • Helping the LGBT subculture

From a sociological perspective, many people in society believe that LGBT subculture is not a natural phenomenon. People tend to think that it is an illness of behavior that could be corrected or rectifies. They believe that through psychological therapy, homosexuals could be turned into heterosexuals.

However, according to the psychologists from the American Psychological Association (APA), the ideology behind belonging to the LGBT subculture is not a mental disorder. Therefore, psychological therapy is not a necessity since there is no illness to be cured among these individuals (Parent, Cirleen and Bonnie 639-645). Despite the American Psychological Association’s perspective, religious people have a belief that the LGBT subculture is immoral as it goes against all the religious teachings of religious books.

Therefore, from a sociological perspective, it is evident that the LGBT subculture has as many supporters as opponents. Society’s perspective on the LGBT subculture is very sensitive given the fact that society depends on religion and culture for civilization purposes. Different people within a society have distinct perspectives on the issue. Even though individuals could share the same culture and religion, they would still have different views. According to society’s cultural values, members of the LGBT subculture should have both civil and human rights. To support this, these individuals are human beings who should not be discriminated just because of their sexuality. Cultural values might not support the subculture, but it supports the equality of rights. Unlike cultural values, the religious values within society are entirely against the LGBT subculture.

According to spiritual teachings, the only acceptable sexuality is heterosexuality. Therefore, any other form of sexuality is unacceptable and is considered to be highly immoral (Hasbany). The religious, legal, and moral attitudes towards the LGBT subculture have interfered with a clear perspective of psychological and medical aspects. Contrary to what people believe, the phenomenon of LGBT subculture is a non-destructive social aspect. This subculture is widespread yet not acknowledged.

Due to discrimination from society, people from the LGBT subculture have higher chances of suffering from psychiatric problems as compared to heterosexuals who have been accepted by society. These individuals suffer from anxiety and depression which results in drug abuse, anti-socialness, and even suicide (Subhrajit 317-331). Given the fact that LGBT subculture is not entirely accepted by society, these individuals tend to be afraid due to the potential attacks and threats posed to them. It is evident that several LGBT subculture members have been attacked and threatened by people who are against the subculture.

Given the fact that the LGBT subculture is not supported by society, it is difficult for these individuals to live a healthy life. Members of the LGBT subculture are commonly discriminated to the point that they are not employed, they cannot go to school, and they can also not live freely in public Given the fact that that LGBT subculture is associated with psychological conditions which lead to suicide and drug abuse, the rest of society tends to adapt to such behaviors. Even though these individuals conform to such practices due to discrimination, the rest of society engage just for fun.

As discussed above, this subculture is prone to mental issues, substance abuse, and discrimination, it is essential for society to play a role in ensuring that these individuals live a healthy life. Members of society could enable LGBT subculture through counseling to ensure that they are mentally healthy In addition to that, members of society should minimize the levels of discrimination by ensuring that individuals from the LGBT subculture have access to employment, shelter, education and health care irrespective of their sexuality.

Through this, there will be a reduction in mental cases (Biçmen and Zafer 224-233). It is evident that the LGBT subculture is a phenomenon that a majority of people are yet to adapt to. It would be accurate to state that individuals from this subculture face a lot of discrimination from the society and this causes them to have advanced mental issues due to anxiety and depression In addition to that, it is essential to educate society on social indifference within society.

Through this, I believe that discrimination will be minimized and that members of the LGBT subculture will be safe and less prone to suffer from mental issues that result from segregation In addition to that, it is essential to educate society on social indifference within society. Through this, I believe that discrimination will be minimized and that members of the LGBT subculture will be safe and less prone to suffer from mental issues that result from segregation Lastly, there should be empowerment programs established solely to ensure the wellbeing of members of the LGBT subculture. Through the establishment of these programs, these individuals will have a safe space where they can air out the issues they face and get support from people who understand

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