Causes and Consequences of the Crusades

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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Causes and Consequences of the Crusades

This essay will delve into the historical Crusades, examining their causes, the key events during the campaigns, and their lasting consequences on European and Middle Eastern societies. Moreover, at PapersOwl, there are additional free essay samples connected to Crusades.

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The popes mainly started these wars, and the first crusade was started by pope urban. In doing this, he was hoping to help the Byzantine Empire that was being attacked by Muslim Seljuk Turks. The Europeans could capture Jerusalem because of this crusade. The Muslims decided to band together and fight the Christians who when were attacking them. Both both they fought in wars to gain control of the holy land. Jerusalem then got controlled by the Muslims and the surrounding areas that stayed in the Islamic hands.

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In the crusades, women and men fought in them, and it spread quickly. At one point in are spiked in them, and people with different traditions created new forms of expressions.

There were lots of different forms of art like mosaics, frescos, sculptures, etc. and epic poetry started to also come into the picture from the French-German area. (Rachel Rooney, Andrew Miller, the crusade motivations, administration, and cultural influence, the Newberry) there were many crusades, and many had different reasons for starting, and a lot of them did not have good outcomes. The first crusade got caused because the Muslim Turks came and attacked and took control of the holy land which was not good. Soso, the Christians in the Europe area, could not go into the sacred land then, and they started to accept the crusades and support the crusades.

Another reason this crusade happened is that the merchants were trying to do more trades and establish routes for trade in the east. Soso, Christians took over Jerusalem in the first crusade and some other cities that were important for them to control. The holy land got split into four different states. And by the end of the first crusade, the sacred land got retaken, and that’s when it got divided into four different states. One of the states got taken over by the Muslim Turks, which eventually started the second crusade. In the second crusade, the Christians failed were unable to reclaim the state they had lost to the Muslims Turks. they had lost that state, but they still had the three other states. in the third crusade, the Muslim leader Saladin took over Jerusalem which started the third crusade. in the third crusade it was lead by Richard the lion-hearted, he ended it with a treaty between him and the Muslim leader Saladin. the treaty made it so that the Muslims kept Jerusalem, but Christian pilgrims could come there freely whenever they liked. the truce later fell apart, and so they started the fourth crusade. pope urban wanted to have more Christians be against and oppose the Muslims. many knights supported him in this and are much why the fourth crusade had started. in the fourth crusade, they wanted to capture and take control of Constantinople. so, they quickly attacked it, and they took over it, and it was a vicious and deadly fight.

lots of bad things happened in this war like things getting burnt down, and people getting killed and lots of things got destroyed. so, the city took much damage and almost destroyed it. and because of this, the city got weak and could not successfully defend itself as it uses to against attackers. and so it made it an easy task for the Turks to take it. there was also a child’ crusade which got started by Stephen of clones who was a young boy who though Jesus told him to start and lead this crusade. the children were in agreeance with him and ready to start this crusade and they were not going to let anything stop them. in the French children’s crusade, many of the children got stabbed in the back and deceived in the port of Versailles. a lot of the children got sold into slavery, and eventually, the other remaining children only quit and left and went back to their homes. in the German one, it was lead by a young boy named Nicholas, and he leads many people from the Alps to Italy. they were originally going to take a ship, but many of the children sailed off, but they never returned they disappeared and were never seen again. many of the children died from the hardships, and more of them got sold into slavery.

after the children’s crusade, they started to be less of a great war and mostly ended. the rest of the crusades which are the fifth, sixth, seventh, eight, and ninth crusades were unimportant they did not accomplish anything so because of this they were known as the minor crusades. they got started because there were still some Christians who still wanted to fight, and they impacted Europe because of this. and because of these, the kings started gaining more authority and status. nobles got killed in battle, and there were some issues like they did not leave an heir, so their lands got given to the kings. many of the nobles ended up selling their property because they wanted to gain money to pay the taxes that were given by the king because of the great cost of the crusades. some of the nobles gave their serfs a chance to purchase their freedom to get even more money that they needed very badly so that they could buy armor and weapons. but they were dying which reduced how many workers there were which made the firms start to fail. if a farm failed, it got given to the king automatically. they started to get introduced to Muslim technology which the Europeans started to learn how to build much better ships. they also started to learn how to use compasses.

In the Western Europe area, they started to want to get into trading. in the crusades, they brought back valuable items and goods that at the time were popular. and they started to need and want more, so they began expanding their trading area. they started to trade more things like silk, spices, sugar, and art. (Justin Ramsey, October 17, 2013, the crusades: cause and effect, ) the crusades largely involved around Jerusalem which was the holy land. they mainly started because the Christians kept getting the holy land taken away from them. and the Christians wanted control of it, so they fought whoever took it to get it back. but they did not accomplish anything to great.

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