Negative Impact of Process Philosophy

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Negative Impact of Process Philosophy

This essay will delve into the negative impacts of process philosophy. It will discuss how this philosophical approach, which emphasizes change and development, can lead to issues in understanding stability and permanence in reality. The piece will explore criticisms and challenges associated with this philosophy. On PapersOwl, there’s also a selection of free essay templates associated with Family.

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Process philosophy is the topic that will discussed today. It is a prevailing view and belief that is brought up by a theoretical scholar clarifying what appears to be a specific fact that has and is currently happening in our culture and society. A smart individual will notice that it is high in concern amplifying and studying complications and difficulties behind events that happen in our society. It is imperative that understanding is amongst society to be able and acknowledge that there are some facets of process philosophy that changed this world for the better or for worst and has created great effect in the United States government and society in over-all.

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In the broad spectrum of facets process philosophy includes such topics like; family and marriage, education, economics, a specific piece of legislation and civil rights among others.

As stated above there is a significant number of occurrences that have had and still have a great impact on the American government and the society within. However, I have placed a significant amount of research in the area of to family and marriage to discuss in this article. It is critically thorough amongst the role of American government on family and marriage. It also assesses the biblical viewpoint of marriage and how the American government has taken a role in it. It will also assess the role that family and marriage has played its part in the traditional American society, more in specific how it is now and what can be foreseen in the near future.

The development of family and marriage has been in existence for many years, even centuries in American history. It has been a very interesting subject to follow ever since marriage was introduced to society/civilization, it has expanded in a marvelous thing and has had the chance to evolve in many ways that includes how it has impacted the American government as well.

The establishment of family and marriage believe it or not it one of the strongest foundations between two people that existed in the world at one point until slowly things started to change. Because the process philosophy, it is visible to the naked eye that it has been attacked in many different ways harming what at one point was a beautiful thing and it’s not honored in Gods eyes. As Christians, the Bible is our guide to better a better understanding on our daily walk of life. If we study the ESV version of the bible in Genesis 2, we see God made man and woman and said that they “shall become one flesh”. However, it is being presented as a different approach for human flesh satisfactions.

With a worldly mindset, our nation has come to the most dishonorable that it has ever been in my mind, specifically in regard to homosexual “marriages’. As clear as it can be in the bible and at times so clearly stated that is sinful, yet our government leaders have concluded and allowed to legalize it. The question lays in how can we, as “God’s people”, change or even better, have the right to change Gods laws? I’ve always thought that there is one sin and because of it everything else falls apart and that is disobedience. Once this starts happening and make shifting our own program, we start turning our faces away from God and disregard his existence. God told us a man is for a woman it is not meant for the same sex. This is the reason process philosophy has taken a negative impact in the family and marriages and it is up to us to make things right and obey so that we can help others make the right decisions as well.

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