Art an Important Part of Various Cultures and Countries

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Art is and has always been an important part of various cultures and countries, time has never weathered this fact. We are able to feel and understand different emotions, as well as point of views through art- while learning along the way. I have learned to appreciate the many aspects contained in art, such as those carried in the principles of design. In respect to the elements of design we can hold these as color, line, shape, mass, light, color, texture, pattern, and space ; standards that are useful in creating and analyzing artworks (Getlein, 77).

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For the purpose of my analyzation, I have chosen two particular pieces of art- “Pieta” by Govanni Bellini (c.1500-05) and “The Virgin and St. Anne with the Christ Child and John the Baptist,” by Leonardo da Vinci (c.1499-1500).

The first work of art that I would like to discuss in analyzation is entitled “Pieta,” which is a representation of Jesus laying in his mother Mary’s arms, after being removed from the cross (Getlin, 28). This piece is an oil on wood work that was painted by Giovanni Bellini sometime in the 1500s. As an art piece the emotion used in this piece by way of lines is evident; “Artists…use lines as symbols…lines…are symbolic,” (Getlein, 77-78). Giovanni used curved lines in representation of the swaddling and love for Christ, as well as showing this in the clothing of Mary, which reflects her gentle caring and sorrow. Undoubtedly, we can also take notice of the emotion in the use of color. Mary is cloaked in a deepened blue, which echoes her sadness; together Mary and Christ wears white revealing a sense of purity. Mary has white cloaked around her face which seems to speak of her heart and love for Christ.

Giovanni made this an expressive art piece, providing for boundaries in contour lines, seen in curves and shape without neglecting importance of the individual aspects of the art piece. When viewing this particular piece, it is easy to notice the elements of shape and mass. We can see this as Mary and Christ draw us into the sorrow and misfortune of the piece, while the location appears to create the foundation that holds them both. Therefore, Mary and Christ represent figures (positive shapes), “the shape we detach and focus on,” (Getlein, 85). As the figures of the work of art, they stand at the largely forefront, exhibiting mass- “a three-dimensional form that occupies a volume of space,” drawing us into the passion of the piece. Mary and Christ seem to be emphasized in major importance through the light that appears to highlight and gleam from their faces. Meanwhile, the background (negative shapes) takes the place of the “visual information the figure stands out from,” (Getlein, 85). Still, the lighting of the background reminds the viewer of its importance in its subtle shades that remind us of the heartache contained in Mary’s loss.

Now, I will address “The Virgin and St. Anne with the Christ Child and John the Baptist,” by Leonardo da Vinci. This is a “charcoal, black and white chalk on brown paper,” piece (Getlein, 89). In this work, one can see the thick bolden lines and curvature in shape used in the sharpening and expression of the bodies. Though this work appears to be darkened in color reflecting no light, it is this that enables the warmth of light contained in the work, which seems to gently create a glow. Each body seemingly shares equal mass and volume, no matter the placement. I enjoyed each of these works of art equally and feel that any viewer would enjoy them just as much.

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