Renaissance and Reformation

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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Renaissance and Reformation

This essay will discuss the Renaissance and Reformation periods in history. It will cover their origins, key figures, cultural and religious impacts, and how these movements shaped the course of European history. PapersOwl offers a variety of free essay examples on the topic of Martin Luther.

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The reason why i’m writing this research paper is to show what The Reformation and The Renaissance is about and why it’s important. My essential question is what’s the Renaissance and Reformation about. Where i found my answer to that question is my notes that i took in my socials studies class. I know they are accurate because i also did research online and i got my notes from my teacher. While going through all my Renaissance and Reformation notes I found that the protestant Reformation is a series of protest that led to the protestants breaking away from the catholics.

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The Renaissance changed art, literature, science, and education. What the Renaissance was is a cultural movement that began in Italy.

The Reformation

Common people were angry with the Catholic church. People were concerned about money, politics, and secular issues. People then started to look for answers outside of church. Martin Luther was the leader of the protestant reformation, he was a German monk. Martin Luther nailed ninety-five complaints to the door of the castle church that is located in Germany. There were different reformations that were caused because of the protestant reformation for example, the counter reformation. The counter reformation was the catholic response to the protestant reformation. However, Henry VIII created the english reformation because the pope would not grant him a divorce so he made a church himself that would grant him the divorce he wanted.

The Renaissance

The Renaissance began in Italy, it eventually spreads around Europe. Thanks to the renaissance people became more important individually. The Medici ruled Florence there was a powerful banking family which influenced members of ruling council by giving loans. What the renaissance changed was art, literature, science, and education. The printing press was created in Germany, 1440 by Johann Gutenberg. At that time books were very cheap and easily available. Humanism was an intellectual movement that focuses on potential and achievement. Machiavelli was known for being a renaissance writer that believed “”the end justifies the means.”” The renaissance shaped the future and it led to a modern era.


In summary, both the renaissance and reformation made a big historical impact. They both created something that is now useful. The renaissance encouraged people to question wisdom and offered the possibility of change. What that did was encourage reformers to basically attack the church and start the reformation.

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