Mona Lisa Painting Analysis

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Updated: Sep 11, 2023
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The Mona Lisa is a very old and interesting piece of art work. It has influenced many themes and accessories that have been made in the modern time. I think that the Mona Lisa is admired by many other artist as well as regular modern people because of the specific detail that is added in the art piece as well as the effort put into finally making the Mona Lisa. The time and the material that is apart of the Mona Lisa could also add to the value of what other people think of a art piece as well as who the artist is and what was the detail and effort put into their previous work of art.

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However, the facial expression of the Mona Lisa can be very misleading when first looking and observing the Mona Lisa. The Mona Lisa is wearing a smirk but her eyes is what is very unsettling. Along with her smirk is a pair of faint and empty eyes similar to a person who has been through a lot of either emotional stress or a person who has been through a difficult situation or life. She seems to be sitting up straight like she is posing to have her picture taken. Her hands are placed gently in front of her with her arms laying also on her lap in front of her. Their seems to be no emotion on her face but she also seems to be saying a lot on her face as well. Her face is what is the most unsettling thing apart of the paint. The background also seems to be very either gloomy and has a very earthy setting towards it. I can not tell if she is standing or sitting down in the art piece.

How it relates to the Renaissance style is the color that was used to paint the Mona Lisa. The colors are very dark in the background and the position of the colors add to the time set of the painting. What also adds to the Renaissance style is the portrait theme that the artist used. Self Portraits and Regular Portraits that were painted were very popular during the Renaissance times and was used for families, marriages, and also for the Royal. The artist seemed to want to use that specific time when he painted the Mona Lisa because of what was popular in the Art world during that time. I also believed he painted that way because their might be more to the actual painting that were are not able to see with the naked eye. The artist might have painted it for a reason that no one but he could have known during the time for him to finally finish the Mona Lisa. I believe that older art work does deserve certain amounts of attention because of how raw the material of the art piece is put on the canvas. That their was a different meaning for artist from that time period. That they were painting hidden secrets for themselves as well as for the future artist in the modern day.

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