The Art between the Creation of Adam and Mona Lisa

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Over the pass hundreds of years, there has been all types of beautiful artwork. More than thousands of artworks are in our museums today that has so much meaning and potential. I would like to talk about and to analyze two types of artwork that I find fascinating Today, the creation of Adam and the Mona Lisa. Although these paintings are fascinating to see there’s a lot of meaning behind these artworks such as the elements and principle, they have different textured, shades, color between those pictures.

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Ill also be discussing about the artist that were responsible for these artworks.

The first painting I would like to talk about is the creation of Adam. This beautiful masterpiece comes with the principle of organization that is balance emphasize unity and line. In this painting you can find the horizontal line that God and Adam body figure shown, and their hands also shown the horizontal line. Another form of art can be shown in this painting is balance the balance you could see is in the background of each side that is the earth and the number of Angels madea balance in the painting This forms in contrast by Using the color more darker tone behind God using more of a brighter color on God himself, Adam also has a skin tone in contrast with the background color. Unity is also found in this exact painting that is similar, the tone of the skin and the figure of the body of God and Adam almost similar and this forms a unity and both figure proportion that is almost the same. you can see an implied line with god’s hand to Adam and the eye of God and Adam as well. This overall artwork appears to be very spiritual it shows the beginning of God created Adam with an image going all the way back to Genesis in the Bible. Michelangelo, the artist of “the creation of Adam”. has huge background with the Christian Church and the religious he’s in influence his paintings. When he created the creation of Adam, it is in Sistine chapel in Italy When he started the paint, he started from left to right, starting with Adam the first man, then onto the creator Lord God and onto the hands. this painting shows a lot of spiritual background about Christianity. This painting Defines in the book of Genesis chapter 2:7.

The other painting to compare is the Mona Lisa. Of course, the size is completely different from one being on the ceiling on a church and one being on the picture frame, the Mona Lisa is such a beautiful work of art that has a lot of meaning to it. Moana Lisa was made in 1506 by an artist called Leonardo da Vinci. The Mona Lisa painted shows a good amount of colors, lines, shapes, textures, the muted colors, the dark colors of Mona’s dress and hair contrasted with the lighter background landscape. Also notice the quality of Mona’s face and hands, focusing on the major detail such as repeated lines on the sleeve of her garment, the curving line of the roads, the oval shape of her face, the circular lines of trees and the jagged triangles of the mountains. The artist Leonardo DaVinci was Born Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci in Vinci, near Florence, he trained in the prestigious workshop of the renowned Florentine sculptor, painter and goldsmith Andrea del Verrocchio, where he received the best education available to a young artist growing up during the Renaissance in Florence. When Leonardo da Vinci painted the moan Lisa, he undertook the task of painting the Mona Lisa, an oil painting on canvas, as a commission from Francesco del Gioconda, a wealthy Florentine silk merchant. He then kept the painting in his possession for several years and did not complete it until 1519. The meaning behind the Moana Lisa, is that It is a visual representation of the idea of happiness suggested by the word “”Gioconda”” in Italian.

In conclusion, the two painting were totally different from each other. It was just interesting researching and discovering on how they use to paint both paintings such as the Mona Lisa was would use oil painting on wood and the creation of Adam was a huge Painting with so much texture meaning, color, contrast and lines. Although They really have no comparison whatsoever, it was interesting on how the paintings were made, who made the paintings, what was going through their heads when they were making the paintings and what was the reason behind it. This helps me understand the importance art in the history of it.

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