The Renaissance: Protestant Reformation and Age of Discovery

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The Renaissance is what made the Protestant Reformation and Age of Discovery happen. It was the time of the rebirth. The rebirth was the life-changing point in European history that started somewhere around the 14th to the 17th century. It was the social change that started in Italy and finally spread throughout Europe. It saw the revival of classical literature, technological techniques, and styles of art. One of the examples of the art at this time period was done by Michelangelo was the statue of David.

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This is also an example of how art was more sophisticated at this time. The statue of King David looks so realistic that you’ll think he can walk off at any second plus his emotion is presented clearly also. The other thing that made the art in this time sophisticated was the three-dimensional paintings. Technology has also grown more sophisticated due to Gutenberg’s creation of the printing press. The printing press helped spread and translate literature for the people. The person who is financing basically the whole Renaissance was the Medici family and the government was ruled by the merchants.

These are the reasons that the Renaissance became more sophisticated and cosmopolitan.

The Protestant Reformation only came to be due to the Renaissance. The art became a way to tell the story of the Reformation. One of the works of art was an image of Martin Luther’s 95 theses. Martin Luther wrote the 95 theses due to his dislike of the church handing out indulgences. He saw how people are using the indulgences as buying their way into heaven. Luther was so troubled by this he wrote the 95 theses and nailed them on the door of the church. When Luther did this he helped started the beginning of the Reformation. Martin had the printing press print out his 95 theses. The other thing that the printing press did at this time was by helping to make copies of the bible. The church and the government ended up becoming separated at this time. Also, now all subjects including the church had to pay taxes.

The Age of Discovery also happened due to the Renaissance. People were more intellectual due to the literature. Such as the Travels of Marco Polo. The technology also became more advanced at this time. China ended up inventing the triangular sails. The triangular sails helped ships travel longer distances and to turn. It also helps to get them back to where they started. China at this time didn’t really have the motivation to travel the world like Spain. They believed that they had all they need already. Political and economics also grew more advanced. Europe was in control of America, but they ended up bringing along diseases that the natives couldn’t fight due to not have a strong immune system. The traveling by sea helps show a cosmopolitan process. By Europe controlling the America’s global trade became way better.

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