Culture and Race

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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The world is containing the different type of culture and race, the nation to nation ,race to race we can see the cultural differences, which are called culture and there are different types of culture in the earth and we are realizing and may be not realizing that we are related to some culture, we are trying to live with one we chose to be good and we can select one of the best for our self to live with. We are having the different family culture history from childhood, everybody even sibling in a family or twins may have chosen the different type of culture for their self.

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Culture have its strength in to the society which we accomplished that on our nature, some time the history is focusing on some events which are mostly linked to the culture. The family is made of two individuals and the two individual is come from two different family with two different cultural, the main part of the family will create a cultural value to the individual in family.

Mainly the culture is the values made by the people in community and developed and followed by the community individuals. This is made from the relationship of the individuals in a family, the way they are talking and behaving with each other and also how they made their values and beliefs in society. So, when a child is born he or she will be one of the parts of the culture in the society and also will be influences by the beliefs and life style. I Know people with different skills and their adoption skills for functioning in the culture, as people live the best and good in their life this is their own choice of life and its, because they have selected their life ways and made norms and culture for their self. People will not face some differences they will act very great and friendly and based on their attitude and what they have learned from the past. We do have good communication and relation with our group of culture, but we will have some conflicts with others in different culture. The 21th century developments allowed us to get to know different types of people with different culture. We know that diffusions occur very easily, we see on day to day life the diffusion and we see the cross-cultural changes in society.

An existed culture may let you to do something in specific ways and this will be pressure on you. Not every pressure is bad, but it leads you to wrong direction and style in life. As freedom is become valuable and history tell us that over all the progress and outcomes are much better with that mind and environment and those seems stronger than other values in the past. This is related to the functionalist view, as the thought the culture itself contains values like freedom that effects our life and with the boundaries of culture. However, people should select their own mind to think and their boundaries of his concisions and choose better what is for their life. But we can cannot the power of people and government, but it doesn’t need to freeze our mind to choose a better thing every time when we make a choice to live and move forward. Nobody is perceiving the power and influence of culture from the first time.

As we grow up and become open minded to see that we start to see it on the surface of the skin. The globalization development is making it very easy for the people to know the different cultures. We can imagine every possibility is different in that situation too. The hegemonic curriculum reflects the values ideology and culture of the dominant group in a society (Shamai, 1990). As this group controls the society culture and education system, including the explicit and hidden curriculum. The dominant group impose their views, beliefs, and culture on the rest of society, primarily by using the education system to establish their views. We all feel in a way that education is very important to understand the culture we are in, and before passing through it, we might not have right concept to solve the problem that the current culture confront. It creates the ones view and beliefs which would have the power to change the wrong side of the culture. If we want to travel outside the country we would not be surprise from the new cultures and the new changes which was in past faced by the immigrants.

AS the internet is the best way of communicating with the friends even making friends is really easy, by this kind of efforts we will be able to approach other cultures, and we can see what it looks like and understand them better, and also, we will apply this culture to our life and see how it will suit to our life. There should be various ways to reach to a culture and mature what is good and bad. The country like US will, which consist of so many different culture people would have advantage of the cultural difference’s solution, because as an immigrant the people would face very big differences of cultural changes, because we are globalized quickly for the most of countries, and here each person life’s can be a “”lace for multiculturalism. That might need a courageous act to approach them and talk to them, but I have believed it will be worth it. under the condition of not hurting other feeling in cultural way, at least we can try this once or regularly, because I believe everyone has their role and meaning in our society. Some function of the culture might not work in the sense of social and international one could be defective from the first place as fallen. We have to be aware of that, not to lose our conscience while the culture shift is being made, so we can proceed without fall back.

Finally, we should recognize that where we are culturally and what we have to do the best for continuing our life and from that we can say what problem we have now and what is not working in our culture. Education is a good way to understand learn and share new cultures and meet other people in different culture. And by meeting each other we will assimilate each other in some ways to treat each other right with fear manner. while we are doing things rights we would be already understanding and having a better point of view on cultures and would have better solution to the problems we have now a days.

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