Brown Vs Board of Education: School Segregation

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Updated: May 16, 2022
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Who you are as a person on the outside should not define if you can get into any public places? As I Michelle sit there on the outside of the court room listening to the ruling of Brown vs. Board of Education, it breaks my heart to here what this world has become to. It all started in 1954, Oliver Brown went to file a suit after his daughter Linda Brown, was denied to enter an all-white elementary school in Topeka, Kansas. “Justice ruled unanimously that racial segregation of children in public schools was unconstitutional.” (Editors, 2009) The Separate-but-equal declares that any facilities for black and whites were equal which turned into false. Even through the Kenneth Clark doll experience, the racial composition and achievement, and the 14th Amendment talks about segregation, it still hurts and causes trouble.

The problem that I have seen sitting here listening, is that some people argue that, “Segregation hurts the feeling of blacks so badly that it could hold them back for the rest of their lives.” (American Renaissance, 2018) Children learn from others and the different people that are not in their day to day culture. The Kenneth Clark Doll experience has proven that segregation does not hurt and does not hold people back. I looked up what the doll experience was and what I found made me what to run in the court room and say, “Segregation should not happen because this experience is where black children wanted and felt more positive feelings with a white doll. These children got a choice between a white or black and their chose a black doll.” As Thurgood Marshall would say it was a forced integration (American Renaissance, 2018), but it was clearly not when black child feels that positive feeling with a white doll (Richard, Rothstein, 2014). What breaks my heart is to see that everyone says they want to be equal, but how can you when you are not equal in the schools.

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What I find that is extremely sad is people think it hurts the children and holds them back, but it really does not. The schools have had a lot of racial composition and achievement not just in blacks, but in whites too. The measurement system has multiple with items from what works and people know that education requires hard work and well-organized mind and heart. One of the comments that I heard was, “The harder it will be to find a place of common ground on which of the many ethnic groups and social classes in our national public schools will ever actually meet.” (Jonathon Kozol, pg. 6-7) This comment blows my mind on how true it is. The segregated schools that are around are often to tense, disorderly, and socially unhappy. I was looking for something that would explain how a segregated school felt like and I found this, “Silent lunches had been instituted in the cafeteria and, on days when children misbehaved, silent recess has been introduced as well.” (Jonathon Kozol, pg. 3) When you have segregated schools how are the children with a not so great life going to grow and make a difference in the world. The most important predictor of later academic is general in the background knowledge that you have. If children are not together because of their color, how can you teach what it is like in someone else shoe.

When the court room got quiet my previous question got answered through someone standing out saying how the 14th Amendment protects the rights of a school. The 14th Amendment summaries that, “A state may not deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the law. Students with disabilities could not be excluded from public school because of their disabilities.” (Scott Johnson, 2019) This made the required of ending discriminatory students based on race. Also, all the public schools that where in all the states had to desegregated the schools. The disabilities students can go to any public school for free and have an appropriate education for them. I was happy to know that this court case what not just for the races of people going to school, but the disabilities students that have it hard.

Its powerful how I can sit there see what the world has become. I believe segregation should not happen and it has been proven through the Kenneth Clark doll experience, racial composition and achievement, and the 14th Amendment. As I sat there listening to all of this happening, I never thought it would bring out the other problems that were occurring. Examples including: Rosa Parks not giving up her seat, all private and nonsectarian schools cannot deny any students on race, and that segregation cannot happen in any public facilities. I never thought people can final agree that, “Equitant separate schools for African American and white students were unconstitutional.” (McGraw-Hill Education, pg. 473) I encourage you all to love everyone just as you love yourself. Everyone deserves the same respect as you no matter color or the body. Think about how you would feel if you were denied over education because of your skin color. Please do your part on respecting others for who they are.

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