A Cultural Value

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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A Cultural Value

This essay will discuss the concept of a cultural value, exploring how values are formed, shared, and expressed within a culture. It will examine the role of cultural values in shaping individual and collective behaviors, beliefs, and traditions. The piece will also consider how cultural values contribute to cultural identity and cohesion, as well as how they can lead to cultural misunderstandings or conflicts. PapersOwl showcases more free essays that are examples of Community.

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A cultural value is a term which is widely used to describe the people’s way of living in their own community. This can as well be discussed as the people’s way of life which is considered to be acceptable and it does not offend anyone in the community at large. It also clearly explains how a certain group of people do their things systematically according to their society. This can include both the acceptable and inacceptable where the acceptable is considered to be right to the society while the inacceptable is considered to be wrong according to the people’s beliefs.

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The cultural values explains what a certain group of people a society are characterized with for example their way of dressing, their eating habits which explains their preferable foods and also their religion.

Culture is known to have quite a number of characteristics which include learning. This is an essential element in understanding a society way of life. The cultural practices are passed from one generation to another through inheritage where the young ones acquire the knowledge about their communities way of life like dressing code and religion from their forefathers or rather their parents. The second characteristic of culture includes sharing. Culture is also considered to be a practice of many people belonging to the same community or society and therefore not an individual practice. The cultural practices are shared among people in a society because each one in a particular community should leave their lives according to their beliefs in the community.

Culture can be widely shared through using a common language to communicate to one another. This leads to unity among people in the same society because they can share ideas and understand each other. Another characteristic of culture includes social element. People who belong to a particular society should be able to interact freely in order to exchange their beliefs and also learn the cultural practices from one person to the other. An individual can’t be in a position to acquire the knowledge on their cultural practices when they do not interact with the rest of the community therefore it is important to come together as a society and learn from the others about the community cultural practices.

Culture is also known to be a continuous process which is passed from one generation to the other without changing its meaning. For instance, if a community believes in a certain way of dressing it is therefore considered to be practiced by all the generations to come. Culture is very easy to adapt because anyone going against it is seen to be an outcast in the society. It is easy for the people belonging to the same community to adapt to any changes which may be experienced in the communities culture. There are different types of culture which includes the way of dressing. People of the same community are appreciated through a certain choice of dressing. If anyone visits a country like Pakistan and they do not dress like the Pakistan they will definitely be considered as intruders without etiquette for the community practices. It is therefore important to respect other people’s culture.

Food is also an important type of culture were different cultures have a different way of cultivating and also preparing it. Language is also an important type of non material cultural practice where each community has its own language which they use to communicate to one another. Those communities with their language been almost similar it is very easy to differentiate from the way they speak. Religion is an important aspect here in any culture and it is respected in all cultures.

In conclusion, culture is important because it helps people to consider a problem to be affecting the whole country rather than seen the problem to affect an individual. Culture can also be important to the whole community because it helps to solve problems affecting the community at large. The cultural practices can also be used as an important tool for ensuring there is unity in the nation when different communities consider themselves as a family.

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