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Best Way To Become a Great Debater

In everyday life we have all found ourselves in a situation where you have a different opinion than somebody else. Topics include anything from politics or even who’s the best football player. If you don’t know how to get your point across clearly, you are sure to get frustrated. Don’t lose a debate to a smooth talker who has mastered the art of becoming a great debater.

This article is aimed at teaching you tips how to become a good debater in any situation, whether you are a student at school, college or even in a debate against your grandma. Okay, we cannot guarantee that you will win that argument, however you will at least give her a run for her money. Read on to learn how to communicate efficiently, how to find a convincing argument, and ultimately how to win a debate. Follow our steps on how to preparing for a debate now:

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Communicate Efficiently

Recognize the Debate Format

The first step that you need to learn before learning how to be a good debater is to recognize the type of debate you are about to be involved with. If you are about to take part in a formal debate, usually in school or college, or sometimes parliamentary roles, there will be a clear structure that needs to be adhered to. Formal debates follow a formula that allows scoring to be awarded to the best debaters, who will ultimately win the debate. This is something that needs to be studied thoroughly so that you how to win a debate depending on the format.

The three most common forms of debate are a competitive debate, parliamentary debate, and an Oxford debate. These are all slightly different in structure, however the core ideas are all the same. The debate starts with a statement being read out with two teams or individuals agreeing or disagreeing with the statement. This could be from a number of different debate topics and participants will each be given a set amount of time to argue their opinions based on the topic.

It is key that you have thoroughly researched the types of debate structures discussed to ensure your success is not affected as a result of not knowing the rules you were expected to follow.

Control Your Emotions and Attitude

What does every great leader and good debater have in common? They are believable in every situation because they carry themselves in a way that displays calmness, confidence, respectfulness, and they are most importantly, logical. If someone can carry all of these traits they have no need to ask the question on how to debate as they already have everything they need.

Find Convincing Arguments

Use Facts and Figures

The process of how to win an argument is reliant on logic. If a person can back their opinions on facts and statistics it becomes difficult to disagree with them as number do not lie. Just as you would approach when write essay online, if a person can use direct reasoning through the presentation of logic, they will usually fair well in a debate. Although it takes a lot more effort and prior research. If you struggle to win a debate then turning to evidence-based opinions are usually instant winners.

Use Emotional Talking Points

We as humans base most our decisions and opinions on emotions, especially if the emotion relates to a previous experience. This can be used during a debate to manipulate the audience into wanting to believe what you are saying. For example, if we do not do this then lives could be lost.

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Win A Debate

So you have done all of the above and are wondering how to actually win a debate? Keep the topic on track, someone who gets distracted does look convincing. Listen to your opposition's ideas, if you can quickly find holes and weaknesses, it is a sure way to come on top in the argument.

So there you have it, all our top tips to help you gain more success in your debates that will turn you into a great debater in no time. Be clear, calm, and confident and do not forget to do your research!

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