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Best Expository Essay Topics 2022

Expository paper is something you will have to write. You can write it by yourself, use our essays writers, or get help from friends. One way or another, this is one of the most common assignments in high school and college. As such, we have the ultimate expository essay topics for college students that will help you with your new task. Always try to get some form of help related to the essay outline due to a simple reason.

These tasks can be complicated, and a professor will pay close attention to all the elements and the structure of the writing you provided. The expository essay topics for students we have here are most commonly used, and they are also something you will find easy and interesting.

These expository essay topics for students can help you more than you can imagine. Choosing what to write about is the most complicated part of these papers. Once you have an idea, writing is much easier. We also will provide you with a complete guide on how you can complete expository essay with no issues and also get the grade you want and deserve. Below you can see a few basic things.

We will start with how you should write on any essay topics expository essay topics and what is the most important part. We will also describe different types here and give you more details all so you can focus more on your expository essay ideas and get that grade. Without further ado, let us begin.

What Is an Expository Essay?

These essays are short and can be very easy if you understand the main goal. So, how to write an expository essay? First, you need to know what this is. Expository means the intent to explain something. You can explain a set of ideas which is a more complicated form. You can also explain some process or one idea. These tasks are usually given by professors so they can test how well you understand that particular subject.

Obviously, if you complete a good paper, you have understood the subject. It is important to add that here you don't have to prove your point. You need to be realistic and neutral and provide an overview of the subject. Due to this fact, expository papers are much easier than argumentative essays, and they need less effort and less research. The best expository writing is the simplest and the most straightforward. There is no need to add that our expository essay writer already knows all of this; hence the paper you can get will be to the point, professional, and perfect, for the lack of a better word. You can use them for all expository topics you like and need to be done.

The last point here is to mention that there are different types of topics for expository writing hence different types of essays. If you can opt for a title, that would be perfect. We have great expository essay examples that will help you and keep the process easier. Always remember that you must describe using simple words and you must explain all the main details. Your teacher will want to see as many specifics as possible. It is important to add that you need to describe in a neutral way and stay unbiased.

Expository Essay Tips

For all students here, we have the facts that are obtained by professionals and will help you more than you can imagine. It is important to use all of these and not skip one. Expository essay topics college will ask from you are not always easy, so it is much better to follow the guidelines and be left with the writing only. The results are massive, and every person can benefit from using these. It is good practice to try and have fun while completing this assignment. Anyway, below are the essential facts you need to follow.

  • Start with a simple structure. These papers are 500-800 words long. They usually start with the introduction. They have 3 paragraphs meaning these are 5 paragraphs assignments. All essay expository essay examples expository share this structure.
  • Opt for the title. If possible, you must opt for the title that you like, are interested in, or have some relation to it. This will keep you more interested and help you get a better grade. The main fact here is to always do something you like.
  • He, she, or it perspective is commonly mandatory. In most cases, you will have to use this perspective. Keep in mind that in some cases, my perspective is mandatory. This happens rarely, but it can happen.
  • Be clear about what you want to say. This is mandatory. You can see in expository essay examples expository essay the clarity. What this means is that all the sentences are simple, easy to understand, and straightforward. There are no complicated words or anything like that. Your mission is to be simple and explain the title easily.
  • The introduction must be interesting. This will interest your readers, and they will want to read the whole paper. You should start with rare facts or something that will intrigue the imagination of a professor.
  • Use accurate facts and data. You need to know that all essay examples and an expository essay outline come with data that is 100% accurate. You need to do the same thing. This will help you more than you can imagine. You will end up with a paper that answers the title most.

Expository Essay Topics About Social Issues

All these expository essay topic ideas are focused on society and aspects of it. They may have to explain a problem, specific element, or complication. Don't forget that these can include psychological or anthropological issues as well. You must collect a lot of data and use it wisely to complete a paper that will be perfect. There is no need to add that you must start with expository essay outline that will help you through the rest of the process and assist you completely. Below you can see expository writing ideas that are common and provide a great experience.

  1. Are young individuals a problem?
  2. Can you use poetry to deal with life problems?
  3. Why should individuals change their appearance?
  4. How can you understand social issues?
  5. Childhood and social structure of it
  6. Crime prevention in a local community
  7. Abortion question answered
  8. Cyberbullying is a huge problem nowadays
  9. All about beauty standards
  10. Mandates set by the government

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Expository Essay Topics About Culture

Here we have interesting expository essay topics that are focused on just one thing. The culture. You can write about a culture from the world, your local one, or anything that even touches it remotely. These variations are very common and can be complicated if you don't understand the specifics. The topics for expository essays we have here are some of the best, and they will assist you in getting the task done perfectly. You still need time to complete these, so start early. Anyway, here is the list of expository essay topics expository essay you will need.

  1. How does gambling affect culture in the United States?
  2. Gender inequality in the culture
  3. Development of Jewish culture
  4. Why is Japanese culture that different?
  5. Benefits and perks of multicultural education
  6. How does culture affect personality?
  7. Industry of the culture
  8. Political and cultural issues affect you. How?
  9. Education in Chinese and American culture
  10. Handling media manipulation properly

Expository Essay Topics About Psychology and Philosophy

Many good expository essay topics come from this section. It affects lives, career and it can be versatile, simple but at the same time very complicated and a task you will need to research completely. Let's just say that these titles are based on the life of individuals, and they play a huge part here. Below we have a few that are unique and appealing. It is always good to stay original.

  1. How can you modify your life in 2 weeks only?
  2. How can you tell when a friend is lying to you?
  3. Different individuals perceive time differently. How and why?
  4. Being different can shape you
  5. Describe one specific religion
  6. Ask elderly citizens what the main lessons they have to offer
  7. Stress affects all students now: Explanation
  8. Describe a mental disease
  9. Teenage depression explained
  10. Qualities that make teenagers popular at school

Expository Essay Topics About Music

Students and parents like these. Education can be fun after all. Your writing will be focused on music, obviously. But it can also touch the effects, the results, the past, and so much more. The expository essay topic ideas here are all special and will make your writing much easier. These are not some generic titles that you can find anywhere else. These are obtained from actual college professors.

  1. Advancement of sound production
  2. Low cultural and high cultural tunes explained
  3. Can we use it as propaganda?
  4. Connections between different genres
  5. How tunes from other countries connect to tunes from your own one
  6. Evolution of tunes
  7. Tunes and other types of media comparison
  8. How tunes shape the society today
  9. The connection between poetry and tunes
  10. Key points in tunes production today

Controversial Expository Essay Topics

Your writing here can go both ways. These are very complex titles and can be problematic for some students. Some of you will try to avoid these, while others will thrive. One way or another, you need to stay focused and explain the title as much as you can. To do that, you need to conduct more research than with other titles. Below are some of the most stunning titles you may choose.

  1. How many negotiations are important during conflicts?
  2. Why come countries still use communism?
  3. Can art be used to treat mental disorders?
  4. Prohibition of the 20s.: Effects and what caused it?
  5. Johns Kennedy political activity: Main aspects
  6. How can you become a good therapist?
  7. How much IQ is important?
  8. What causes racism?
  9. Were crusaders villains or good guys?
  10. The danger of military activity in Asia

Expository Essay Topics About Education

You will probably want to choose a topic from this section. Your writing will be much easier, and there are a lot of simple and straightforward elements. In simple terms, you will discuss anything that is related to education, as you can assume. Just keep in mind that you may have to explain any version or variation of this process. To help you, we have decided to share some of the best titles available today. Try to pick the one you love or are passionate about.

  1. Why is homework so important?
  2. Is teaching a noble profession or not?
  3. Benefits you can get from learning foreign languages
  4. Traditional versus online learning
  5. Why higher education has a hugely positive effect on career
  6. Why do people with a higher degree get the job first
  7. How can you complete a perfect paper?
  8. Choosing the title for your paper: How?
  9. Difference between literate and illiterate individuals
  10. How education will change and affect your mind?

Expository Essay Topics About Science and Technology

A topic of this kind will be very interesting. You need to complete a paper that touches the technology or science in any way possible. You also can be focused on the future or how you can benefit from the tech. Try to describe this using a lot of details and try to complete it while at school. Anyway, here are 10 titles that you may like and enjoy completing.

  1. How tech affects us today
  2. Projects you can complete online only
  3. How lifestyle will look like in 25 years
  4. AI: Pros and cons
  5. Selling a specific item
  6. Describing another planet
  7. What affects your memory
  8. Explaining global warming
  9. Are people truly connected online?
  10. The invention of a specific object in your home

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Expository Essay Topics About History

There is no need to explain this type. You need a topic you will like, and you need to describe it in detail. Make a strong statement as well, and you will be just fine. There are countless examples here, but we have decided to share the most common and the most desirable ones. Here are 10 titles that will help you get the grade you deserve and want.

  1. Puritan era and child labor
  2. Role of US in WWI
  3. Role of US in WWII
  4. Aztec times religion
  5. The great depression and unemployment of women
  6. Spanish-American war: Cultural effects
  7. Impact Titanic sinking had on the economy
  8. What caused the battle for Germantown?
  9. How WWII ended?
  10. The industrial revolution and its impact on the planet

Expository Essay Topics About Literature

While at school you will have to read a lot. At some point, you will have to describe a part of that literature or some element from it. These titles can be complicated because you have to read a book, and they complete the paper. Due to this, you will need a lot of days to complete your assignment, which can be tough. Keep in mind that you can get help when you need it, and you need to focus on all the details possible.

  1. Shakespeare's use of language in his Romeo and Juliet masterpiece explained
  2. Shakespeare plays dramatic irony: 2 examples
  3. Figurative language and how it is used in literature: Give 2 examples
  4. Hamlet and Claudius conflict: Reasons and explanations
  5. Shakespeare play you like: Lessons you have learned
  6. Role women had in literature
  7. Character development in Ophelia: Your own opinion
  8. Romeo and Juliet: How it affected you
  9. What poem had huge importance to you and why?
  10. Which author affected your lifestyle the most?

Expository Essay Topics About Health

In this case scenario, you will have to write about anything that is linked to human health. It can be about procedure, medication, disease, or anything in between. If you like medicine, you will enjoy these titles. We have collected the most remarkable ones for you. These are not easy and simple, so you may need to pay close attention to the terms you will use and specifics. Then, just pick expository essay topics on health you are interested in.

  1. How does anesthesia work?
  2. How does an X-ray machine work?
  3. Why chemically induced coma is important?
  4. Explain Ebola crisis
  5. How do doctors get their licenses?
  6. How to protect yourself from viruses
  7. Explain hip replacement surgery
  8. The most complicated surgeries
  9. Most common myths
  10. Explain skin graft and why it is mandatory sometimes

Expository Essay Topics About Ethical Issues

These titles are fun and complicated. Not all of you will like these, but if you have to complete one, you need to get the title that suits you the monist. Here are 10 of them that do make a difference and can help you completely. Try to keep the process simple and don't get too much into a specific section.

  1. Should you report if you note bullying?
  2. Should children get plastic surgery?
  3. What if your friend cheats on the test?
  4. What if your friend abuses an animal: Should you report that?
  5. Should coaches earn more than professors?
  6. Should church and politics be completely separated?
  7. Should assisted suicide be legalized?
  8. Should all companies gather more information about users?
  9. Would you tell if your friend drinks at the prom?
  10. Should the death penalty be mandatory

Expository Essay Topics About Social Problems

These also are all about society but in a different way than you may believe. See, here, we will be focused on the problems only. These problems can be severe, simple, or anything in between, and you will have to explain them using your stunning words. Below are the titles that can help you understand what you need to complete and how you can do it. Try to select an easier problem if possible. This will obviously make the whole process much easier.

  1. COVID19 and the problem
  2. Black-lives matter social movement
  3. Green energy convention
  4. US soldiers in Afghanistan
  5. Remote education challenge
  6. Global vaccination and pandemic
  7. Political polarization increase
  8. Modern society: Healthcare bias
  9. The environmental situation in Artic Pole
  10. Supply chain during the COVID19 pandemic

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Expository Essay Topics for Middle School

Here you need to describe a simple element like a day at school or anything like that. All the titles here are simple and designed for children in middle school, so you can see the appeal. However, the importance here is massive, and we can't stress how important it is to allow your child to complete this by himself. It may be tough, but it will be beneficial.

  1. How was your first day at school?
  2. Describe your weekend with a pet
  3. What is the place you like the most?
  4. Explain the hobby you like the most
  5. Your first teacher: Who was he?

Expository Essay Topics for High School

Here we can get a bit more complexity and see a bit more details that are mandatory to use. These titles are still simple, but they focus on a much broader array of aspects, and they are generally more interesting. But, the essential fact here is to know that these are prepared for future assignments of the same kind.

  1. Can a dog smell fear?
  2. What kind of stress is acceptable?
  3. Do you believe in aliens?
  4. How big is the cosmos?
  5. Do you believe that person can change?

Expository Essay Topics for College

Here we can see the complexity. These titles are still fun and appealing, but they are more complicated to research and present what you want to say in words. You will need more effort. Luckily, we have 5 titles that are extremely desirable and can help you get this done soon.

  1. How we can save the Earth?
  2. Pros and cons of the internet
  3. How you will deal with financial problems?
  4. Which is the most appealing book for you?
  5. How small things can make people happy?


Get the most desirable topic for an expository essay and start with it. Here you were able to see all the elements and understand what you need to do perfectly. These titles are all common, obtained by professors, and also the ones you can start with as soon as possible. Always keep in mind to stay simple and try to explain what you want to say in simple terms and as quickly as possible. Your data must be accurate. If you use all of these, you will get the grade you need.

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