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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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OUR MISSION: Yomida was created to help people raise their standards of living. We market and develop and develop premium products that are sold to customers and the members so as to help people enjoy better lives. The sale of our high-quality products is the core value in driving our organization opportunity. For to businesses, you can build and own business of your choice, have a fantastic chance of be an entrepreneur, contributing in the coffee, functional beverages and tea business in the entire world, Newman et al (2002).

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Our business opportunity is carried on an easily duplicated business model which favours our esteemed customers. In addition, our business is a private limited company with 55 shareholders as it is of late. Our close competitors are Javita and Yohada limited companies.

But we are far much ahead of them for our products and services are best and quality ones in the entire globe.

Steps for getting started

To get started with Yomida:

1. Become a our member by purchasing any of our well-known products

2. Share our business opportunity as well as our products with other people.

3. Become a qualified member and a trained member in the first 30 days after joining us.

4. Encourage and motivate the new members to join our business.

5. Enjoy our services and products. Once you follow the above steps and encourage others to take the same move, you will be moving to another life of achieving the dreams to live a better life and promoting the success of Yomida business organization, R. B., & Harris, J. J. (1987). Once you become our esteemed member, you will buy one of our products, and then be introduced into our marketing websites as well as our online business centre.

In case you find other persons who are willing and able to become part of Yomida members and customers, sell them our products and even add them to your business by using your Yomida website. To get commissions in months thereafter, you should have attained the monthly qualifying personal volume after purchasing products to customers or even from you. In fact the more team of members and customers you create, the more the financial rewards you are likely to earn.

Our compensation plan:

A. Retail profits You can gain much profit by buying products at the wholesale of our member and selling these products directly to your members. You earn the profits from the difference the price you sell the products and the member wholesale price. You can also gain retail profits when a customer buys the products directly from your yomida website you own. In addition, you can earn profits when customers contact Yomida member services and issue them with your member Identification Card. A 40% or more (for retail profits) income is generated immediately once you sale your products, Newman et al (2002).

B. Customer Acquisitions Bonus When a new Preferred Customer (PC) buys directly from Yomida and signs up for an AutoSlip Order, you earn a Customer Acquisition Bonus (CAB) for the first order. Their AutoSlio Order is processed in the following next month but one.

Our member can gain high CABs in just two simple ways:

1. When you advance in rank

2. When you get more Preferred Customers in a month. This is illustrated below: Rank % earned Consultant 15 Senior Consultant 20 Supervisor & above 25a) CAB by Rank Number % earned 3 to 5 15 6 to 8 20 9 & above 25b) CAB by Number of Preferred CustomersNB: the amount of the Preferred Customers will count on member qualification. However, he/she will not get paid in Team Commissions.

C. Personal Customer Commissions The Personal Preferred Customers are capable of building and maintaining a massive group of Customers. The purchases made by the retail and PCs are paid in Preferred Customer Commissions. Once you make sales more than 200 in a month, you will earn 15-40% in Commissions, which will be paid each month.Note: There is no PCC will be paid in the first 400 customers. In regard, this will be credited so as to up line Team commissions. Customer Volume(PCV) % earned 4001 to 700 20 701 to 1500 30 1501 & above 40For example: You will have 1,100 in Customer Volume. 200 is from the first orders of the customer from which you gained a percentage as a CAB. The balance of 900 is then paid in PC commission as shown: 900 “ 400 =500*30% =$150

D. First Order Bonus First Order Bonus you gain instantly weekly income. This bonus is paid to be new member basing on the amount of the products bought in the new Members first order. It is paid weekly, in which starts and ends midnight Saturday night. Payment is then made on the following Sunday. To earn the First Order Bonus you have to an active member with his/her Personal Qualifying Volume at the end of the previous month. In the case of the new members, their initial order will make the new members eligible for the First Order Bonus, Newman et al (2002).

This table shows the First Orders Bonuses for the new members enrolled Pack First Order Bonus $ 299 Gold $ 50 $499 Silver $ 100 $ Platinum $ 250

Example: if you enrolled three new members to Yomida with one member having $999 Platinum pack and the other two with $499 Silver packs, you earn a $100 First Order Bonus and a $250 First Order Bonus respectively. You will earn $ 450 just as shown below$100 + $100 + $250 = $450

E. Star Bonus This Bonus is enjoyed by those who become STARs in our business. You can become a STAR in the first 30 days after joining Yomida. We encourage each and every member to try his/her level best to become a STAR. As a matter vof fact, STAR bonus is vital for the success of yomida business for it helps us to get off started, market our products to various new customers and members. Moreover, STAR bonus will help our friendly new mbers become part of STARs. You will be earning the STAR Bonus in evry month you are active, Fohler, G., & Ramamritham, K. (2001, December.

To earn a STAR Bonus:

First option

1. Buy a Tar Pack and earn at least 400 in the PV from your product purchase and sales to your customers within the first 30 days.

2. Make sure that you bring a minimum of 3 new members to Yomida, each new member with A STAR pack.

3. Gain 1,600 in Ov from your PV and the initial order of your personally enrolled new members in Yomida Business.

Second option

1. Buy a STAR pack.

2. Enrol 9 or even more new PC on AutoSlip in your first 3o days after you joined Yomida.

3. Generate 800 or more volume from the purchase you made and the first orders of your enrolled new PC.NB: Order should be flagged for AutoSlip in time to come.

F. Team Development Infinity Bonus (TDI) You will get the benefits of TDI Bonus if and if only you are a member of STARs, R. B., & Harris, J. J. (1987). You don’t have just to be a STAR alone but attain the rank of Consult, to be able to earn the Consultant level TDI in the following month. TDI Bonus earned depends on your paid-as rank at the end of the prior month as well as the STAR pack bought by all the newly enrolled members in your organization. Once you achieve a rank in the current month will qualify a member of Yomida for the following month’s TDI Bonus. Any up line member who are in the same rank or isn’t STARs are barred from gaining the TDI Bonus. The TDI Bonus is paid in every week, Gerhart, B., & Bretz Jr, R. D. (1994).For Example: if you enrol 3 members whereby each purchase $499 STAR pack and it happens that you are a supervisor, you will earn $100 First Order Bonus plus a TDI of $60 on each sale made As shown below You$499$100+$60=$160$499$100+$60=$160$499$100+$60=$160 Total amount earned = $160 + $160 + $160 = $480

G. Team Commissions These are earned from the volume generated by products sales when a member of Yomida reorders throughout your own organization. Our Compensation plan is unlevel system, Newman et al (2002). Yomida pays commissions on Consultant Generation bases. That is, each and every active Consultant in your own organization comes up with a generation, as well as up line Members, he/she earns a certain percentage in the total accumulation from the Team Commissionable Volume in every generation which is based on their Qualifying Rank.NB: The Sponsor Tree is followed by the Team Commissions and they are paid every month.

H. Leadership Car Bonus This Bonus belongs to Yomida members with the rank of Supervisors and above. Once you qualify you earn a Car Bonus of $800 t0 $2,000 each month. Rank Bonus Amount Supervisor $800 Manager $900 Director $1,200 Diamond $1,500 Blue/Royal Blue Diamond $1,600 Black/Royal Black Diamond $1,750 Crown Diamond $1,800 Crown Ambassador $2,000 This Car Bonus can be used to purchase any car, truck or SUV, J. M., & Milkovich, C. (2002). It can also be applied towards Loan Repayment Option, the Tuition for Student College or you can decide to elect Cash Option of which you will get 50% cash of the bonus you had earned.

I. Leadership Development Bonus Supervisors and above enjoy this bonus for just enrolling and helping their personally enrolled members improve in their rank. It is base ones paid-as rank. Once you meet these requirements you will earn this bonus in every month, Fohler, G., & Ramamritham,K. (2001, December). In case you can’t meet the requirements you can earn this leadership development bonus by meeting the qualifications for a lower rank. Paid-As rank Maximum Monthly Bonus Requirement(3 personally enrolled legs at) Supervisor $250 Consultant Manager $500 Senior Consultant Director $2,000 Supervisor Diamond $3,000 Manager Blue Diamond $4,000 Director Royal Blue Diamond $5,000 Diamond Black Diamond $10,000 Blue Diamond Royal Black Diamond $15,000 Royal Blue Diamond Crown Diamond $30,000 Black Diamond Crown Ambassador $50,000 Royal Black DiamondFor example: suppose you are director, and it happens that you earn $2,000 bonus monthly, you have 3 active enrolled supervisor legs.

J. Diamond Infinity Bonus This type of bonus is enjoyed by the Diamonds. You can earn from 1% to a maximum of 4% of the commissionable volume from your own entire organization. It is paid following each leg below to the next high or even equal ranked Diamond, Gerhart, B., & Bretz Jr, R. D. (1994).NB: You will gain the incremental percentage difference in case a lower rank Diamond blocks you. Rank Bonus Diamond 1% Blue Diamond 2% Royal Blue Diamond 3% Black Diamond nor higher 4%

Other Rewards

1. Special monthly promotions such as discounts, double STAR bonuses, and many more. They are communicated via our corporate communications.

2. Those who build a team of STARs are given FREE iPad or cash.

3. Once you become a new Supervisor you get yourself are weekend trip to visit and meet every new staff of the headquarters of our business at Florida.

4. In every year, yomida invites all members for relaxing and we have lots of fun. We also have trips and Caribbean cruises, among othersPayment Method Yomida pays all our members electronically via YomidaPay which is easy to use online. You receive your money electronically at the time of payment. You log in your portal and make sure that you transfer all your funds quickly to your Yomida Prepaid Visa or your bank account. Whenever payment is done you will receive a confirmation massage notifying you that you have made a deposit into your account, J. M., & Milkovich, C. (2002)

Yomida pays both monthly and weekly. All commissions are paid on orders made by Sunday at 12:00 a.m.Conclusion We are committed serving and listening to all our esteemed customers. We argue and encourage you to make a decision and join us in for better future. We are your listening and caring friend. Enjoy our products. For more any query, comment, comment or information, simply log into our website at www.yomida.com or visit us in our offices.

Contact us

Yomida Coffee Limited, Jeez Plaza, Florida, P.O box 1995 “ 65389, Florida.


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