Failures and Success in Business

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Our life is made up of both bright and negative sides which are interconnected. There are two phenomena that characterize human life which are failure and success. At some point of our lives, most people are struggling. It is critical and essential part of our lives. Though failure can be describe as a lack of success, an unsuccessful individual, business or item, a lack or deficiency of a desirable quality, people usually have to fail before they succeed in their lives.

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Failure is not a means to an end. It does provide any evidence of permanence. Failure itself is not dangerous – it’s that fear of failure that keeps a person doing nothing. Failure is failure to hit ones’ target, whatever it may be, but it does not preclude one from attempting to take actions again.

We shouldn’t believe a failure is a loss. It is, of course, part of life and also part of every business industry. Every popular and well-known entrepreneur failed and this is the truth of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs experience failures first before becoming what they are right now, which is becoming successful. There are several reasons why business struggle to do so. First reason is insufficient experience. Lack of business knowledge is one of the major factors that many business struggle during the first year or two. Just because you don’t have any experience does not necessarily imply your business is going to struggle. But because it’s one of the major reasons why certain firms struggle, this will inspire you to know the ins and outs before you leap in the head first. Having awareness is important so know everything before making the leap. Second explanation is bad management. It is some of the biggest causes why many businesses struggle. Some would claim this is as a reason of lack of business knowledge. In certain situations this might be valid but not all of them. There have been many individuals who have begun a business with lots of expertise but the business falls flat on their faces because of having bad management decisions. Monitoring every part of the company means things are going on. Next is failure to prepare ahead. Often when beginning a company people have all the best ideas however other times people get nervous and eager and launch the company with little too little thought. The idea is to get a business set up before start-up in order to find any support to fund the business. And last explanation is because of the wrong reasons to start a company. Most of the entrepreneurs start their business because they are really eager to provide products and services for their fellow countrymen. But there are also people who would start company as they think it would create a lot of revenue for them. Begin a business you have keen interest. Those people who only want income from their business seem to just bother thinking about what they’re doing a bit. To be successful, learn while you’re doing it and choose a business you’re really involved in.

To be humiliated is our propensity for failure. It is because we don’t like how it makes us feel ashamed and disappointed for what we have done. That’s why we ought to change our attitude to look at defeat as a way to grow to develop. Some productive entrepreneurs experienced disappointment but instead of seeing failure as a cause to give up they were building on those failures and seeing them as potential development as an entrepreneur.

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