Scarcity of Computers in the Market

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“Jobs had noted the scarcity of computers in the market. He also noted that the few computers that were there far much big in size that they could fit in a big house. These computers were always referred to as the mainframe computers. Apart from the volume these computers were so expensive and only the rich could have afforded to buy one. They also had noted the slowness of the computer in performing their functions. There were advances in computers producing some smaller units, however, the rate was too low to cater for the increasing demand of computers daily. As a result of this, Jobs and Wozniack re-established the idea with the intention of developing personal computers which could be used by individuals. This led to the establishment of Apple Company in the year 1977. That same year, the company registered high sales of up to $2.7 million. The company grew rapidly and in a span of 3 years with a capital worth of $200 million sales. This was an entire new market in the United States.

Jobs and Wozniack developed a whole different idea of computers which could be personalized. By the year 1980, personal computers had already taken its place in the market. Due to many entrepreneurs following the same suit, Apple was forced to keep on updating their product so that they can keep up with the new competition in the market.

During that same period, Jobs was heading the most important project in the company’s history. In 1979 he led a small group of Apple engineers to a technology demonstration at the Xerox Corporation’s Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) to see how the graphical user interface could make computers easier to use and more efficient. Soon afterward, Jobs left the engineering team that was designing Lisa, a business computer, to head a smaller group building a lower-cost computer. Both computers were redesigned to exploit and refine the PARC ideas, but Jobs was explicit in favoring the Macintosh, or Mac, as the new computer became known. Jobs referred his engineers as artists. Jobs demanded a redesign of an internal circuit board because he considered it unattractive. He would later be renowned for his insistence that the Macintosh be not merely great but “insanely great.” In January 1984, Jobs himself introduced the Macintosh in a brilliantly choreographed demonstration that was the centerpiece of an extraordinary publicity campaign. It would later be pointed to as “event marketing.””

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