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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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After his returning to the company, Steve Jobs realized that his management style must be improved in order to be a more successful leader. He then dedicated the following 12 years on improving his leadership skills to improve his corporation. Steve Jobs was always confident about every decision that he made in his life. The best example would be when Steve wanted a special type of glass on the iPhone, and his employee said that it was impossible, but Steve Jobs said, “you can do it, don’t be afraid to do it”.

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He was also known as a leader who always acted with a sense of urgency. For Jobs, there was no waiting for the “perfect time”, the time was now. This positive attitude and style of management, provided the proper foundation to present a new cutting-edge technology. Steve Jobs said: “If you are behind the competition, jump over them.”

The developers of the first iMac forgot to put a CD reader. However, Jobs decided to turn this mistake into an opportunity to change the way we download and listen to music with the iMac. His brilliant idea of creating an integrated system, transformed the entire music industry. The result was a combination of iTunes, iTunes Store, and iPod, which allowed users to buy, share, manage, store, and play music better than they could with any other device. Jobs always put quality products over corporate profit. It’s still great to make a high profit, because profit allows you to make better products. However, a leader’s products should always be the motivation for success, not just making a profit. Even when creating the first computer, Steve Jobs was focused on quality of the product and not just making a profit from customers. In his vision, the profit was never a priority, and managers who put profit above everything led the company to failure (“Leadership Qualities of Steve Jobs”)

As well it is important to understand that Jobs’ rudeness was accompanied by the ability to be inspiring. He infected Apple employees with an unwavering passion for creating innovative products and the conviction that they could do what seemed impossible. Jobs had a close-knit family, and thus replicated this same unity in Apple: his best players stayed longer and were more loyal than in any other company, including those who were led by more democratic bosses. There are a few tips from Steve Jobs on how to be a successful leader. The first tip, is to find your passion and do what you love. Once you’ve done that, Steve believed that you would change the world for the better. “The only way to do a good job is to love it.” – said Steve Jobs. Another tip is to try to do everything the best you can, no matter was it is. Always strive for success in everything. He suggested to hire people who show a willingness to strive for excellence. It is known that Steve Jobs loved perfection and there are many stories to prove this. One of them includes the iPod’s audio jack clicking sound. The night before the iPod was supposed to be released, Steve Jobs gathered together the engineering department and told them to change the noisy clicking sound coming from iPods when it was connected to headphones.

Jobs always demanded the highest quality of parts, and he insisted on making a product look good on both the outside and inside. The third tip is to learn constantly. We can always learn “something else.” Share our thoughts with other people inside and outside our company. It is important to learn from our consumers, competitors, and partners. If your partner is with people we don’t love, learn to love them, praise them and take advantage of them. Learn how to openly and honestly criticize competitors (Flurry). It can be determined that Steve Jobs wasn’t a “regular” leader with a common skill, such as those that we have learned about in school. He was a different type of leader, that didn’t always follow “proper protocol”.

However, this paid off for him and his companies, and he was the greatest leader in the IT industry. His stubborn and sometimes rude mentality led the Apple company to unknown successes, while competing with big companies like IBM and Microsoft. We all can learn something from Steve Jobs by “Thinking Different”.

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