My Personal Experience that Led to Success

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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I understand why common core is an issue for some people and students. From personal experience, the state tests that I had to take were difficult, but they helped me learn how to deal with failure and disappointment. Just because I did not do as well as I wanted to, it did not stop me from achieving my goals and bettering myself for the future. As I already said, failure leads to success.

CCS was put together by men and women.

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We are not perfect so, of course, whatever we do or create, there will always be a problem. Education, on the other hand, has never been perfect and never will be. CCS has its positives and negatives – so what can I do to make it better?

We can improve CCS by implementing more group activities because children need to learn how to work together and communicate. This is an easy fix; all teachers need to do is have meetings with their coworkers and discuss new activities that can be implemented that will reinforce the lessons the children have learned. CCS has promised more group activities, which they have delivered, but my mother, who is an elementary school teacher, says that we should have even more group activities.

A lot of parents are against the common core, but they just do not understand the definition of it. They only hear one-sided news on CCS and they learn about that through either social media, TV, or radio. We can help provide a clear definition to parents either at parent-teacher conferences or through a small pamphlet given to the parents at back-to-school night, explaining the benefits and encouraging the common core.

And my last solution is to prepare teachers a bit better. Teachers need to know that there are many ways to find a solution. They need to take time to explain to their students how they arrived at that solution and why it is the correct answer. Explaining your answer and explaining how you got your answer will only benefit the students.

In conclusion, the Common Core Standards have their negatives and positives. But, by all means, education is never going to be perfect. CCS, on the other hand, is the way to go when it comes to education. CCS is not only helping students grow in education but for their careers as well. We need high standards in school. Students are going to struggle; I get it, I struggled too, but students need to learn how to overcome their struggles and disappointments. The world we live in is very competitive and we need to teach kids that nothing is handed to us; we must work hard to succeed.

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