Success Comes with Hard-Working

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Success is one of the most desired elements in a person’s life. It indicates that the person achieved this element has done great jobs. Lots of people desire to be successful in their lives and accomplish great achievements. There are lots of different causes to be successful and also being successful comes with many effects. Although causes of success are evident its effects are striking.

Firstly, success comes with hard-working, which is the cause number one. The person who wants to be successful should never give up due to any obstacles standing in their way. Carlos Campos is a great example of hard-working and not giving up. He went to different countries to find a place to live in. He worked in many different jobs, but he never stopped trying. Then, on the day of his first show, 9/11 attacks happened. Even though he faced lots of obstacles, he continued to work hard. He started his own business and he helped celebrities at choosing clothes to wear. He worked with Justin Timberlake and a lot more. And according to, he has a net worth of $38 million. Steve Jobs is another great example of success. He is one of three people to start a very successful company named “Apple”. He was very innovative and was able to come with very useful designs that got popular in the whole world. At one point, he got fired from Apple, but this event did not stop him, he worked with other famous companies named Pixar and NeXT. Then he came to Apple and saved it from a crisis. He designed iPod, iPhone, and iMac, devices that changed the whole world. Apple still owes his success to him.

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Even though they worked hard for being successful, their efforts brought some great effects. Carlos Campos is a famous designer who designs clothes for famous celebrities, also he has his own business and he is a multi-millionaire. Steve Jobs is known as a legend right now. He is the father of Apple, he is basically Apple. Also, his net worth is an estimated $10.2 billion.

In conclusion, there are lots of causes for being successful but it has lots of causes too. Also, success is a very important element in humans lives, it is desired by many people. Hard-working and consistency are the main ways of being successful. That is why humans should never give up because of an obstacle, they just should try to jump over it and continue their roads.

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