Leadership Style Microsoft’s Success

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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One of the names that come into anyone’s mind when you think of the world’s most prominent entrepreneur is Bill Gates. Bill gates style of leadership can be described to be participative. He is a believer of input of value from all of his employees for the organization’s success. The main reason why Microsoft is successful is that of Bill Gates hardworking and enthusiastic attitude towards his company and job. He ultimately has the understanding that in business you have to experience challenges and changes and it is necessary to adapt to be successful.

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With his attitude for business, Bill Gates has created a robust large company that can withstand even the most significant challenges and emerges victorious. Through the process of successfully delegating tasks, Gates Microsoft has been able to utilize the talents and skills of each employee to the fullest. One of the main differences between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates is creativity. It is non-debatable that the late Steve was one of the most creative leaders of our time; he was, a genius.

Not only did he share his developing passion through his ideas but he also utilized his advice and insights from his team to create one of the most substantial technologies that completely changed the technology world in our present markets. Steve Jobs leadership style is more of an autocratic one, and he is much of a transformative leader. An authoritarian leader is one person in charge type of leadership. The leader possesses too much authority collects his team members input giving little or none in return. The leader is the primary individual who makes decisions and typically decides from his ideas rather than inferring from stable reference when making decisions. This leadership style may be harsh to some, but it is the main reasons why we have apple products dominating our markets. Through his ideas of innovation, Jobs created one of the most successful technology firms globally.

Through his leadership and attitude which may not suit some people, his commitment to innovating has undoubtedly benefited not only his organization but all Apple consumers in the globe. Steve Jobs can be considered to be one of the best risk-taking leaders in the world. When comparing Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, they fall on different ends of the leadership spectrum. They possess different styles of leadership which contribute to their success. Steve Jobs owns a transformational style of leadership while Bill Gates is more of a leader-follower leadership dynamic. The main common thing between these two leaders is that they understand what needs to be done to succeed. It makes them great leaders since they know their needs and ideally know how to execute to meet these needs.

Bill Gates is the greatest leader between the two. He possesses a unique business skill set. He could visualize his dreams and goals and take calculated steps to make them a reality. His imagination of every household in the world to possess a computer gained substantial success and traction even in his early years. Good leaders should possess attributes that help the organization generally. The first attribute of a great leader is flexibility. Many at times things do not go as per the plan. Natural disasters may happen, competitors may shift their tactics, or the government might put some measures that affect business in place. When faced with such challenges leaders should change their strategies for the survival of the company.

A good leader should be a role model. The leader should be the person that everyone wants to emulate. Effective leaders always act right even when nobody is watching them. The leader should ever know the influence he possesses and handles all of his matters responsibly and professionally. A good leader always possesses the act of integrity. Integrity is one of the most sought for and admired quality among people. Leaders should have trust and honesty since it helps to bind their relationships together. An employee will perform at his best when he can willingly trust the person he looks up to always. 

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