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Negotiation Essays

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Maslow’s Need for Conflict Resolution

Words: 1679 Pages: 6 1425

Phyllis has a mental health issue called schizophrenia, that has a side effect of auditory hallucinations that caused her to wreck all her furniture one day. Phyllis was placed in a psychiatric care unit at Conflictia Hope Hospital where she received care from Dr. Nguyen, a psychiatrist. She was placed on an involuntary hold because […]

Topics: Conflict Resolution, Intelligence, Negotiation, Personality

Conflict of People for Career Success in Soft Skills

Words: 763 Pages: 3 1101

Soft skills are various social, people, communication skills, as well as character or personality traits that people need for success in their careers. Soft skills are essential for finding, attracting, and retaining clients. There are many skills one should have for the workplace. The first and most important one is communication. Communication is one of […]

Topics: Conflict Resolution, Leadership, Negotiation, Psychology

Roles in Negotiations and Conflict Resolution

Words: 2853 Pages: 10 1411

When undergoing mediations and negotiations mediators must have clear and concise strategies when approaching issues in and of conflictual nature. Before negotiations can begin being processed and suggestions can be presented and/or drafted, mediators must be well-informed, as well as, have experience of and in the matter(s) presented. And, they must also have contextual data […]

Topics: Conflict Resolution, Mediation, Negotiation

Bias of Gender Differences in Negotiation

Words: 3156 Pages: 11 3999

Introduction Now that society is fast-paced, people tend to choose to do their jobs as a priority and ignore the importance of communication. Sometimes a very small thing can become a big contradiction, if there’s a lack of communication. One of the important methods about communication is negotiation. Negotiation is a method by which people […]

Topics: Bias, Communication, Employment, Gender, Human resources, Negotiation, Sexism

Women and Negotiation

Words: 1998 Pages: 7 2925

The study on women and negotiation has brought to light the cognitive and behavioral differences based on gender dissonance. Even though women have time and again proved their mettle at the bargaining, they still battle marginalization and are left worse off at the negotiation table. This thesis attempts to investigate into both, the internal (self-perception) […]

Topics: Gender, Negotiation, Sexism, Social Issues
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Use of Non-verbal Vocabulary in Negotiations

Words: 448 Pages: 1 1096

Hostage negotiators are defined as people who negotiate with a person, or groups of people, for the release of a person, or group of persons. (yourdictionary,2012) These types of situations must be handled very carefully, as many lives could be at state. It is imperative for negotiators to have consistent communication with the suspects, and […]

Topics: Negotiation, Police, Security

Conducting Interpersonal Negotiations in Business

Words: 530 Pages: 2 1106

Negotiation is a very important skill in the business field. Apart from knowledge and understanding of the market and the other party, negotiators should be prepared for a psychological game. This article will discuss what steps a company should take if it is trying to be international and wants to negotiate with a potential partner […]

Topics: Cognition, Negotiation, Psychology

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