Conflict of People for Career Success in Soft Skills

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Updated: Jun 29, 2022
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Soft skills are various social, people, communication skills, as well as character or personality traits that people need for success in their careers. Soft skills are essential for finding, attracting, and retaining clients. There are many skills one should have for the workplace. The first and most important one is communication. Communication is one of the most important skills a person can have. It’s simply exchanging information from one person to another. It’s essential because the ability to communicate shows you how to speak to others in various settings and situations.

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Reason why people have trouble communicating is because they forget one communicating skill, listening.

Self-motivation is a person’s drive to do things. It’s your positive attitude and your initiative. It’s key in the workplace to have that drive to work well around-the-clock in your job and be committed to continuing working hard. Some people lack this due to not being reliable and not committing in their careers. Leadership is having the ability to lead and inspire others to success. It’s a sought-after skill employers like; you don’t even have to directly manage people to have it. However, there are many difficulties when it comes to leadership. A leader who lacks vison can cause conflict, low motivation, difficult employees and resistance to change to name a few.

Responsibility is a highly valued skill. Being able to take accountability for your actions is what many employers look for. T means that you can take ownership of not only your goals but, the company’s goal too. People who fail to take responsibility for their work are less productive and successful, and let others take the blame for their actions and not their own Teamwork is a combination of communication and respecting others that allow you to work well with your co-workers. Being a good team player and working toward a common goal is a great way to build intuition and interpersonal skills. Having a lack of teamwork can cause conflict withing one another and some people would sometimes find working with people frustrating.

Problem -solving is a mindset to have when approaching an obstacle and being able to reach a solution in the end. It’s a good advantage too have because in the workplace, there will be obstacles in your path and being able to solve them in a cool, level way can lead to an efficient solution. The reason why people lack this skill is sometimes misinterpreting that problem or loosing their cool when solving and lead to panicking. Decisiveness is the ability to make quick and effective decisions. It’s important because employers look for someone who can work under pressure by taking effective and considerate action. Working under pressure is difficult and many people become indecisive because of the fear that the decision they made might be the wrong one.

Time management is planning and managing how much time to spend on activities. Many employers look for good time management because they need someone who can structure their work in a way that allows them to reach their goals. The main problem with time management is that people can poorly manage their time can lead to procrastination. Flexibility is a skill that demonstrates the ability to embrace new tasks and changes without fuss. Employees who are flexible can take on sudden changes calmly and quickly in the ever-changing workplace. People who lack flexibility are resistant to change which in turn causes to decrease productivity.

Negotiation and conflict resolution go hand in hand. Negotiation is knowing how to be persuasive while looking for a win-win outcome and conflict resolution is resolving conflict in a peaceful manner. Being a good negotiator helps with building relationships with employers and employees alike; a skill that employers look for. When a conflict is resolved, it strengthens those relationships and accomplishes goals. Having poor negotiating and resolution skills can decrease efficiency in your work environment and even loose potential employees.


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