Positive Influence for Self and Career Development

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 I am a person driven by self-development and self-fulfillment, I am easily motivated by a new challenge, and enjoy the competition but prefer to compete against a task other than competition between friends or fellow employees. In the workplace, I use good listening skills and have a positive attitude when communicating with colleagues and the boss. I understand the value of interpersonal communication. I am open to Constructive criticism when sharing my ideas. Eager to accept and complete a challenge and ready for change or different in format. My Skills and job experiences power confidence and self-belief, that with an honest afford and positive attitude I can be successful in the workplace.

If you have the right attitude you are in a place to accept every situation the way it is and take on the challenge. Employees with the right kind of attitude can help take a company to the next level in the business world. However, the right attitude does not imply positivity alone. It’s fair on the part of the employee to feel let down or unhappy about a particular instance or situation. Releasing anger in a productive way is what matters for which the right attitude can help.

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What are two of the biggest and most positive influences on your self-concept at work? Feedback from your supervisor and or fellow employee,s of a job well done, and your performance has increased the company’s efficiency level with productivity. With this statement being said, it influences your self-esteem. A most positive influence would be working for a company that provides a service or product that is well-needed by the consumer, and knowing that your labor adds to the well-being of Society or improves the environment, this will into attributed to a positive concept towards your work as well as self.

In general, to understand and motivate people, you must know human nature. Human nature is the common quality of all human beings standard ethical communications is a good choice. I would use good listening skills and show compassion, awareness and concern for others, in order to address their concern and understand what is needed to know. People are more open and approachable when their perception of you is that you are in support of others. Also that you have good work habits and practices. If we want to influence other people’s behaviors, then we need must engage in mutual respect while developing trust. We can lead people on a path that could take them in an entirely different pathway from their habits and daily customs, by providing good guidance and direction.

The impact you make in an individual wellness can depend on the approach you take to deliver the information. My strategies for promoting health are educating people about the benefits of physical and mental wellness is by leading them by example and providing them reassurance, motivation, and a positive influence. You have to be able to demonstrate that the things that you are recommending them to change are the thing that you can effectively do yourself. When you lead by example your accomplishments can help as a source of motivation. Promoting individuals to change their health behaviors can be established by encouraging short-term daily goals that will eventually lead them towards their long-term goals. 

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