Leadership, Conflict Resolution and Communication in Sports

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Whether through high school or a club team, sports consume the majority of teenagers’ lives. Teens actively involve themselves in fall, winter, spring and even summer sports on top of school. Due to the time requirements of both, many argue whether or not society should promote playing a sport (or multiple sports) in high school. Many also argue that sports are dangerous but there are many benefits to teen participation in sports that outweigh the potential danger. As a result of student’s involvement in sports one can see improvement in time management, academic skills, health, and social skills.

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While sports do require a lot of the student-athlete’s time it ultimately provides skills that will help in the class, most importantly time management.

As a result of playing sports, students also have to manage their time in order to succeed in the classroom. The “determination and goal setting skills” that students learn on the court or field translates to the classroom. I, as an athlete, have had my experiences in working on time management and without sports I wouldn’t have the skill of effective planning that high school requires. The communication one must have with their teammates teaches the student about “effectively communicating” in order to solve problems in the classroom and at home. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, “people that play sports tend to perform better at school.” Sports also, naturally, lead to improved health.

Not just physical health but mental health as well. Studies show that “regular physical activity helps [students] relax better and reduces muscular tension” (Lakshmy). This ability to relax allows athletes to have a better mood and feel less stressed. Involvement in sports also keeps students away from occupying their time in ad habits like drinking/ doing drugs. The exercise they endure relieves them of the stress they may experience at home or at school. Finally, sports improve student athlete’s social skills. Sports require leadership, conflict resolution, and communication. Through sports, students have to learn to work with those they may not get along with. They have to develop conflict resolution skills when there is a problem with another athlete. Sports also allow teens to learn leadership skills through their involvement in a tightknit community.

Due to my involvement in sports, I have been able to use the leadership skills that I formed to lead those younger than me as well as helping my peers by giving them someone to talk to. In all, there are many benefits to playing a sport in high school including improvement in time management, social skills, academic skills, and overall health. Society should encourage teens to participate in a sport during their teen years due to the advantages student athletes develop. Whether it is physically, mentally, or emotionally, student-athletes experience a lot of positive growth though playing along side other people. Therefore, high schools everywhere should get every student involved in a sport not only to help the individual student but to help our society today and in the future, by building up our nations future leaders the right way.

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