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Alcohol Abuse Essays

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Problem of Suicides Among Teenagers

Words: 1133 Pages: 4 5802

Suicides among young people continue to be a serious problem. In fact, suicide is the second leading cause of death for all Americans from children and young adults age 5 to 34 years old (Business Insider). What exactly is the problem, the majority of children and pubescent who attempt suicide have an extraordinary mental health […]

Topics: Adolescence, Alcohol Abuse, Bullying, Medicine, Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Suicide

Issues Pertaining to Alcohol Abuse

Words: 960 Pages: 3 3927

The issues pertaining to alcohol abuse has become such a phenomena in our society. it affects the livelihood of millions of people everyday. public and private acceptance play a major role in why this has become such a major problem. other factors such as low socio-economic status, an adequate education, cultural norms, and many others […]

Topics: Addiction, Alcohol Abuse, Alcoholism, Binge Drinking, Health, Research, Social Issues

Should the Legal Drinking Age in South Africa be Raised to 21?

Words: 1042 Pages: 3 6255

Alcohol is a colourless, volatile, inflammable liquid that is found in wines and beers and can have a harmful effect in the human body causing it not to function well; the human brain continues developing until a person has reached his or her mid 20s therefore alcohol’s effect on the brain may be worse among […]

Topics: Adolescence, Alcohol, Alcohol Abuse, Health, Peer pressure, Social Issues, Youth

About the United States Constitution

Words: 884 Pages: 3 4396

When the Articles of Confederation fell apart, The United States Constitution was constructed. The Constitution has been around for more than 250 years. The United States Constitution was created as a set of governing rules written for the country. These rules were meant to help the country stay in order but in today’s society, many […]

Topics: Adolescence, Alcohol Abuse, Alcoholism, Constitution, Human Rights, Social Issues, United States

Alcohol Among the Youth

Words: 582 Pages: 2 3953

Alcohol has always been around us even at a young age we see it everywhere and are allured by the concept of alcohol. The popularity of drinking alcohol starts to happen in 8th grade and 39% of students have tried alcohol (Johnston, O’Malley, Bachman, & Schulenberg, 2012). Students who have problems at home or who […]

Topics: Alcohol Abuse, Alcoholism, Anxiety, Binge Drinking, Clinical Psychology, Cyber Bullying, Health, Mental Health, Neuroscience
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Discuss Paper – Drunk Driving

Words: 1463 Pages: 5 4253

This paper will discuss many reasons why one shouldn’t drink and drive. There are many more cons rather than pros to discuss on this topic. Some of the things that will be discussed in this paper are the meanings behind some terms, death tolls, and other factual examples on why drinking and driving is bad. […]

Topics: Alcohol, Alcohol Abuse, Alcoholism, Driving Under The Influence, Health, Public Health, Substance Abuse

Child Abuse and Neglect

Words: 1352 Pages: 5 6001

English Composition Final Proposal Essay: Child Abuse and Neglect There have been countless studies focused around how the mind of a child is warped when transitioning into their adulthood after experiencing neglect and abuse. It’s evidently very difficult for a victim of this certain issue to forget their traumatic experiences, ultimately impacting their physiological and […]

Topics: Abuse, Alcohol Abuse, Child Abuse, Childhood, Domestic Violence, Family, Health, Mental Health, Social Issues, Violence

Essay about Alcohol Abuse

Words: 868 Pages: 3 5545

“Almost every adult old enough to drink may agree, that: a get together with family and friends, after work/school relaxation, football game on the tv, and many other social events are not complete without their favorite alcoholic drink. Some may even say that a party is not a party without it. However, alcohol is correlated […]

Topics: Addiction, Alcohol Abuse, Alcoholism, Clinical Psychology, Health, Mental Health, Neuroscience, Poverty

Effects and Consequences of Binge Alcohol Consumption

Words: 415 Pages: 1 3810

Alcohol abuse has somewhat become a wall of barrier between many young students and the possibility of graduation. This form of abuse has grown exponentially over the past years, furthermore it has become a great concern as we have seen the statistics of alcohol abuse climb beyond expected limits over the past 3 months. With […]

Topics: Alcohol Abuse, Alcoholism, Binge Drinking, Clinical Psychology, Health, Social Issues

Hispanic Youth with Alcohol Abuse

Words: 358 Pages: 1 3528

As more people immigrate into the United States, the need to provide culturally competent nursing care increases. Presently, Hispanics make up the largest and most rapid growing ethnic group in the United States. Studies indicate that drinking patterns associated with Hispanics are different from those of non-Hispanic Whites and other ethnic groups. Although studies show […]

Topics: Adolescence, Alcohol Abuse, Alcoholism, Binge Drinking, Health, Immigration, Social Issues, Substance Abuse

Why Teens Drink Alcohol

Words: 1004 Pages: 3 5051

Underage drinking has been a problem in our society for decades. While it is very common for teenagers to do irresponsible and impulsive things, they should not participate in underage drinking. Not only is underage drinking illegal, it is dangerous for a person’s health; it can lead to the person relying on alcohol for years […]

Topics: Abuse, Adolescence, Alcohol Abuse, Family, Mental Health, Social Issues, Substance Abuse

The Effects of Binge Drinking

Words: 1749 Pages: 6 4143

Binge drinking is not a new phenomenon and continues to be a significant public health concern. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism defines binge drinking as a pattern of drinking that brings a person’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) to 0.08 grams percent or above. This primarily takes place when drinks of 5 or […]

Topics: Abuse, Alcohol Abuse, Alcoholism, Binge Drinking, Health, Public Health, Risk

Student: Drug Abuse, Struggle, and Health Risks.

Words: 786 Pages: 3 4049

Today’s student faces many risks, including drug abuse, struggle, and health risks. Reacting to these risks before they become more serious dilemmas can be difficult. One of the purposes of dealing with drug abuse is to encourage the public to understand the causes of drug abuse and to prevent its onset. Drug abuse has serious […]

Topics: Adolescence, Alcohol Abuse, Clinical Psychology, Drug, Health, Social Issues, Student, Substance Abuse

Alcohol Life-Long Commitment

Words: 1731 Pages: 6 3244

Information Research: Why do the United States and Scotland have different drinking ages through the social impacts, perception impairment, and mental effects? The significance of lowering the legal drinking age is the impact it can have on political institutions in the United States and Scotland. Adolescents benefit because of a reduction in potential to commit […]

Topics: Addiction, Adolescence, Alcohol Abuse, Alcoholism, Binge Drinking, Clinical Psychology, Mental Health

Problems Young Adults Face Today

Words: 622 Pages: 2 4309

“In our society, today young adults face several problems. Most of us think young adults are ready to start things as college, career, and adult social scenes. Many young adults find it challenging to adapt to creating a change in their life. Substance abuse, violence in school, and family problems are one of the biggest […]

Topics: Abuse, Adolescence, Alcohol Abuse, Alcoholism, Bullying, Clinical Psychology, Health, Injustice, Mental Health

Majority of People Listen to Music

Words: 1230 Pages: 4 6113

“Majority of people listen to music as a way to entertain themselves, but some people listen to music to express their feelings, to enjoy a brief moment of their tough life. There is many good affects from music for example According to O’Donnell (n.d) scientists have even used music for medical research too and some […]

Topics: Adolescence, Alcohol Abuse, Anger, Cardiovascular Disease, Clinical Psychology, Disease, Emotion, Health, Memory, Neuroscience

Alcohol Abuse is a Problem : Rural Term Paper

Words: 1958 Pages: 7 4226

Alcohol abuse is a problem that is very consistent among individuals who are usually charged or convicted by the criminal justice system for violating the laws, yet there have been limited efforts to survey the effectiveness of diversionary programs for offenders whose crime is related to alcohol use. The criminal justice system has seen an […]

Topics: Alcohol Abuse, Alcoholism, Crime, Criminal Justice, Health, Justice, Morality, Prison, Sexual Assault, Social Issues

Program Review: Project ALERT

Words: 1114 Pages: 4 4127

The glamorization of drugs and alcohol in the media, or with celebrities, peers, or other important people has been detrimental to the lives of the young children seeing this first hand. There are many consequences of drugs and alcohol that are never discussed alongside these influential people. Through research many studies have shown that drugs […]

Topics: Adolescence, Alcohol Abuse, Drug, Learning, Social Issues, Substance Abuse, Teacher

Vulnerable Groups of the Population: Alcoholics Drug Addicts Homeless People

Words: 1669 Pages: 6 3691

Nursing is a widespread profession that stretches across the world. One part of nursing includes the community. Everyone is impacted by the community in one way or another whether it is through screenings or events (feeding the homeless). It is important to know about the community and be able to recognize vulnerable populations that need […]

Topics: Abuse, Alcohol Abuse, Community, Community Development, Nurse, Substance Abuse

Essay about Guns in Schools

Words: 1229 Pages: 4 3841

We should not have guns in our school it will just cause chaos, for instance violence because it will cause shooting. Instead of thinking we need guns for protection we should think about the people safety because people might find a gun from their parents or grandparents and use it against other just because now […]

Topics: Alcohol Abuse, Justice, Social Issues, Substance Abuse, Suicide

Assessing Drinking and Academic Performance Among College Students

Words: 2495 Pages: 8 4125

My chosen topic is Assessing Drinking and Academic Performance among a Nationally Representative Sample of College Students. The research was based on assessing whether alcohol consumption was negatively related to grade point average (GPA) among a nationally representative sample of college students. After the research was carried out, there were various results which were obtained […]

Topics: Adolescence, Alcohol Abuse, Alcoholism, Binge Drinking, Research, Social Issues, Socialization

High School Students Problems

Words: 2325 Pages: 8 4053

Teenagers should be able to live their best live without being tempted by illicit drugs and substances. Many teens think that the use of illegal drugs and substances is a way to make them cool, it is causing wreckage to their future and America’s future. Underage consumption of illegal substances and drugs is becoming an […]

Topics: Addiction, Adolescence, Alcohol Abuse, Clinical Psychology, Drug, Health, Medicine

Situational Crime Prevention

Words: 352 Pages: 1 4599

Introduction Situational crime prevention centers more around the window of opportunity to break the law. In addition, situational crime prevention looks to lessen the damages brought about by criminal acts through adjusting quick or situational factors in the conditions where criminal acts routinely happen. Alcohol is one of the many factors that take part in […]

Topics: Alcohol Abuse, Crime, Crime Prevention, Criminal Justice, Health, Justice, Morality, Social Issues, Violence

The Effect of Alcohol on College Students

Words: 2774 Pages: 9 5827

Alcohol abuse among college students has become a major issues and concern. In society today Alcohol abuse in college student are increasing tremendously, this is due to the fact that everyone wants to experience what it is like to be tipsy. With College having different age ranges alcohol abuse is drastically increasing because a lot […]

Topics: Addiction, Adolescence, Alcohol Abuse, Health, Public Health, Social Issues, Substance Abuse

The U.S. Health Care System

Words: 1057 Pages: 4 3851

I believe that the United States is currently in a state of denial when it comes to health care. We proclaim that America’s medical care is the best in the world, and many wouldn’t trust the care in any other country. However, the U.S. ranks dead last and second to last in life expectancy for […]

Topics: Alcohol Abuse, Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Death, Diabetes, Disease, Health

Cildren of Alcoholics

Words: 1149 Pages: 4 4598

“Living with an alcoholic father in the family can affect all members of the family, some may be affected differently. For example, children raised with an alcoholic parent have a different kind of life experience than the ones who are raised in a non-alcoholic home. Many children with an alcoholic father can experience them being […]

Topics: Addiction, Alcohol Abuse, Alcoholism, Behavior, Child, Clinical Psychology, Father, Health, Mental Health, Neuroscience

Journal of Addiction Medicine

Words: 355 Pages: 1 3563

According to Journal of Addiction Medicine, drug, alcohol, and tobacco use is highly prevalent among high school student sin the United States, and adolescents, even those without a substance use disorder, are at high risk of morbidity and mortality related to those of these substances. The primary care setting provides access to adolescents, and the […]

Topics: Addiction, Adolescence, Alcohol Abuse, Clinical Psychology, Disease, Health, Health Care

“Teenage Substance Abuse and Impacts on Academic Performance and Relationships”

Words: 3089 Pages: 10 4378

Introduction The unobserved complexity of an adolescent and his or her potential severity of substance abuse results in negative consequences. Substance abuse represents a dependence on addictive substances such as alcohol or drugs. The use of tobacco, nicotine, alcohol, and other drugs during adolescent years can interfere with the brain development, reduce academic performance and […]

Topics: Adolescence, Alcohol Abuse, Alcoholism, Anxiety, Brain, Bullying, Clinical Psychology, Emotion

Schizophrenia and Substance Abuse

Words: 447 Pages: 1 4336

Up to 60 percent of chronic schizophrenic patients have been reported to be substance abusers (Hambrecht 1). The comorbidity of drugs and alcohol asks the question if one disorder causes another disorder. From a collected sample of 232 schizophrenic patients, alcohol abuse prior to admission was found in 24 percent (Hambrecht 2). Whereas, drug abuse […]

Topics: Alcohol Abuse, Clinical Psychology, Health, Mental Disorder, Nervous System, Positive Psychology, Substance Abuse

Alcohol and Criminality

Words: 831 Pages: 3 3849

Alcohol Effects on Behavior of Adolescents and Young Adults that Leads to Criminality Alcohol was been made by fermented grain, fruit juice and honey as early as 2000b.c when the people of India created a drink, called sura from fermented rice (Olson 1985). Aboard the Mayflower, the Puritans brought about forty tons of beer and […]

Topics: Adolescence, Alcohol, Alcohol Abuse, Alcoholism, Binge Drinking, Health, Prohibition
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