Alcohol in Moderation

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Updated: Aug 30, 2023
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Alcohol, in moderation, can have positive health benefits, but when it is drunk in excess, it can negatively influence the body. (1) Alcohol can have an altering effect on the liver cell structure. When these cells are permanently changed, it affects the liver’s ability to metabolize fat, which can lead to the development of a fatty liver. (2) The brain cells are also influenced when alcohol is introduced into the body. Brain cells are killed with excessive drinking, and it is not easy to replace these brain cells, which leads to permanent cognitive consequences.

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Alcohol can be extremely damaging to the body. Dehydration is a major concern for those who drink alcohol in excess. Alcohol depresses the production of a hormone called ADH, which is responsible for water retention. When ADH levels drop, there is loss of body water, which also leads to loss of vital minerals that help balance the fluids in our body. Another way that alcohol damages our bodies involves malnutrition, more specifically nutrient deficiencies. Alcohol affects the way that the body can use its nutrients to function properly. The cells within the intestines have trouble absorbing B vitamins, and liver cells find it hard to activate Vitamin D. Alcohol completely disrupts the nutrient processing system, which is very harmful to the body. One short-term effect of alcohol is behavior changes.

People are completely different when they are under the influence of alcohol. Some people become more outgoing and social, while others become violent and angry. Alcohol makes people behave in certain ways and do things that they would never do when sober. One long-term effect of alcohol is chronic disease. Long-term alcohol abuse can lead to liver disease because alcohol causes a fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis, and cirrhosis of the liver. Kidney disease is also a risk because alcohol enlarges the kidneys and alters hormone function. Heart disease is also a concern because alcohol raises blood pressure and blood lipids.

My personal view on alcohol is that it is not needed. If we must rely on a mood-altering substance to have a good time when we are aware of all of the potential risks involved, then we need to take a step back and look at what we view as fun. Addiction to alcohol is a serious issue, and we are playing with fire every time we take a sip of alcohol.

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