Majority of People Listen to Music

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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“Majority of people listen to music as a way to entertain themselves, but some people listen to music to express their feelings, to enjoy a brief moment of their tough life. There is many good affects from music for example According to O’Donnell (n.d) scientists have even used music for medical research too and some of it work on patients. In my life music was my first step to learn English, it gave the curiosity of the language I hear.

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I just started to translate words and manage to make complete sentences through short period of time because I was learning more vocabulary and how to correctly write it. Moreover, I used to listen only English music and now I am trying to understand more languages form Spanish, Japanese, and Korean. I have learned many things about different cultures too such as American culture, how Americans speak with each other and I learned many idioms that helped me while I am studying in their country. For example, the song beat it which means leave immediately I heard it once in one of the old songs by Michael Jackson. Therefore, music can help with emotions, some music genre actually helped with mental and physical health, but not all genres of music are good to listen to.

According to” Head-banging tunes can have same effect as a warm hug” (2017) Extreme music can help you manage your anger. It may be commonly regarded that people who listen to extreme music is one the causes of anger problems, but actually is not, and such music can be really helpful for people who have anger problems. In the 1970s Extreme music was born with more aggressive lyrics than other genres in that time, this genre could help people with their anger issues. According to Leah Sharman “When experiencing anger, extreme music fans liked to listen to music that could match their anger. The music helped them explore the full gamut of emotion they felt, but also left them feeling more active and inspired.” (cited in “Head-banging tunes can have same effect as a warm hug”, 2015, Par. 2). Because of that extreme music is still very popular even now. That genre should be more focused on music therapy sections, especially for people having a hard time controlling their anger emotion which is a dangerous emotion if it’s in a wrong situation, because anger will cause a major problem if it cannot control. According to Robert Zatorre of McGill University, who studies emotion and music “Pleasant music triggers the release of the brain chemical dopamine” (cited from BrainFacts Organization, 2013, Par. 2). Listening to music could be a pain relief for your wounds. Zatorre examined volunteers to try to listen to different types of music while they are in pain, researchers found that people who listened to pleasant music such as romantic music have experienced less pain than others.

Health is very important for us and some genres have good effect on us. Alzheimer disease is increasing day by day. Its a disease which the patient lose his memories and having a hard time to remember what he did in his past from actions to recent events and it could develop to a higher level which the patient will have a problem with the language. According to Seligson (2010) Alzheimer patients who were put in a memory sequence test with music. Researchers found that the patients have remembered the lyrics of the music more than a normal talk. Researchers used easy song lyrics like a children’s songs on a computer screen and at the same time a woman singer sings the song. After listening to multiple songs, Ally ask them about the lyrics and if the can recognize it, the patients were getting better every time they listen to the lyrics. But the most interesting fact about listening to music for Alzheimer’s patients was that it could restore old memories back and also, they can learn many new things just from music. Moreover, heart diseases are increasing, one of the solutions for curing it is music. According to “Using music to tune the heart” (2009), they give some example of how music help with heart diseases. One of the examples is at Massachusetts General Hospital, a nurse team found that heart patients who imprisoned to bed listened to music for 30 minutes, the effect was very surprising the blood pressure had decreased, slower heartbeat, and less distress.

Music isn’t always the right solution for a problem, some of it is useless and bad for the listener. Teenagers are affected easily from dark and sad music because it’s a sensitive age and it could increase their depression. according to a study by Levine (2011) there is a relationship between listen to music and depressions, teenagers who listen to music have more likely to be depression. (Par. 4). Depressions isn’t necessarily coming from Listening to music but how number of listening teenagers listen to music. In addition, country music could lead to suicide! In this journal by Stack & Gundlach. (1992) explain some of the subjects, most country music contains suicide themes which is the separations between sexes and this theme is the first step to suicide mood because it links between relationship breakdown and suicide in the same song. Alcohol abuse is another theme in the lyrics of a country music songs and drinking alcohol to solve a life problem is the solution, a researcher found that people who listened to this type of music has higher rate of alcohol consumption (Par. 7). I didn’t know that before because this genre is very popular in the United State especially. For most people living in other countries only few listens to this genre and in some countries like Saudi Arabia it doesn’t exist at all.

In conclusion, there is many debates about music and whether it’s helpful or could led to a serios of problems for people who listen to it. Juslin & Sloboda (2012) states that ”music is often regard as a language of emotions” (Par. 1). Some researchers found that there is a connection between music and how can you control your strong emotions, music probably be the replacer to medicine and painkiller because it could help you mentally and physically, but music can have a negative impact to your emotions and mental health if you overdose listen to it.


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