The Multifaceted Benefits of Listening to Music

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Updated: Sep 05, 2023
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Enhancing Learning Experience through Music

It is advantageous and productive for students to interact with the learning materials while listening to music in class. My own experience has shown that it may support the development of creativity, enhance focus, and uplift moods—all essential elements of a productive learning environment. One instance that I thought was especially instructive occurred when my teacher started playing calming classical music in the background during a biology class. I suddenly felt motivated to tackle the issues, as if they sprang from nowhere.

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The songs also enabled me to concentrate on the subject matter for longer than usual without getting too tired or overwhelmed. A similar situation might be repeated in schools everywhere, providing a way to mix up routine tasks while also increasing morale.

Improving Focus and Academic Efficiency

To begin, listening to music will allow students to find school easier to understand. According to my personal experience, when I have an assignment and am allowed to listen to music, not only do I do it faster, but I also finish it as well as I possibly can because I’m not paying attention to the noises around me. Furthermore, because I’m listening to music, people talking around me don’t bother me, and I’m not motivated to engage them in conversation. Not to add that when I have music playing, I am more likely to stay concentrated on one topic or project. Finally, listening to music throughout class makes it more fun and less stressful or dull.

Boosting Mental Health and Emotional Well-being

Additionally, listening to music enhances kids’ mental health significantly. Anxiety, sadness, and a variety of other neurodiversity. As a result, many individuals gain substantially from listening to music. Music, for me, is an escape from mental illnesses and relieves the stress of education. Schoolwork is known to cause stress in kids, particularly with homework, tests/quizzes, and so on. Music is believed to reduce tension, and as stress drops, scores rise. For example, in my English class, whenever we have a vocabulary test, I discovered that when I listen to music while studying, I retain more knowledge and perform better on my test. Not to mention, for a person like me with bad social anxiety listening to music eases a lot of the stress of both participating in class but also talking to peers becomes significantly easier when you have a starting topic of music.

Addressing Administrative Concerns

The administration is worried students will miss important information during the school day. However, many students take in essential information when they can’t hear distractions coming from other students or outside the classroom, or out the window. Speaking from my own experience, in classes like my History class, whenever we are taking notes, I write the best notes when I only can hear my teacher and not my classmates talking around me. Also, many think because of earbuds, students will not hear the fire alarm, but there is a very bright light on the front that goes off whenever the alarm goes off, designed specifically for people who cannot hear. If music allows focusing better on their assignments, then their grades will only increase, meaning their GPA will only go up.


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