Listening Music is my Hobby: Melodic Escape

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Updated: Aug 31, 2023
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Everyone has a passion. Sometimes you have to search for it; sometimes, you don’t even have to try. My passion is music. Music has been my passion ever since I was five or six.

Stumbling Upon the Piano

The first instrument I came across was the piano. When I was three, my family moved into a new house, and there was a piano in the garage; knowing my three-year-old self, I was very curious and didn’t know what a piano was, so I decided to take a look.

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I played one key, and I’m not going to lie, I did not like the piano. A few years later, I went to one of my mom’s friend’s house, and there was a girl playing the piano, so my mom thought it would be good it would be a good idea to have her teach me because she would hear me playing, but the whole time I was attacking the piano.

On the first day, I did not want to go, but once she taught me the basics of the piano, I didn’t know what I was doing. I found out that I liked the piano and that I loved to create beautiful music. I realized that my passion came from trying to play the piano, but I still couldn’t play it.

After all the useless piano lessons, I decided to learn how to play the ukulele and the guitar a few years later. I taught myself how to play both the guitar and the ukulele. When I wrote my first song with my niece, I realized how hard it was to write a song and how fun it was.

The Healing Power of Music

When you listen to music, you might notice that you might become calm, or you can get more ideas out. Sometimes you might use music to block out other people when you are trying to work. Whatever the case may be, the answer to your problem is music. Many people can get involved by either creating music with an instrument or singing random words and calling it a song. I hope many people turn to music because it helped me during my tough time last year.

Future Ambitions

One of my goals in the future is to be a songwriter if becoming a doctor fails. I want to write songs for other people and see how they would interpret the song. I also want to play the ukulele because it is the easiest instrument for me to learn, and it produces a sound that will make you feel both happy and sad, depending on the type of song you want and the type of chords you use.
So now you know that my passion is music. Now, what’s yours?

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