Music in my Life and Faith: Harmonizing Spirituality

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Updated: Sep 08, 2023
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A Musical Awakening in Service of My Religion

The importance of serving my religion, faced with challenges, and appreciating who taught me with patient and compassion have kept me playing music. Growing up in a church, I was exposed to the importance of serving my religion in a lot of aspects, especially in music. As a kid, I’ve never felt the significance of playing any instruments or sharpening my skills, regardless of whether in music or in any other skills other than sports.

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I guess my main focus was on playing basketball and neglected other forms of aspects that could make me a well-rounded individual. Looking back now, when I hit the age of 13, I felt really dissatisfied and really uninterested in joining the practice session at all. Not long after that, I met a friend who pulled me out of my comfort zone, and we just clicked as soon as we started talking. In no time, I started to find myself getting immersed in conversations related to music as well as playing the drums as a part of my role in serving, and my passion for music started flourishing, and I found myself automatically searching for any kind of learning mechanism to improve my skills.

Overcoming Challenges on the Path of Musical Growth

Nevertheless. A lot of time, I was faced with challenges, like getting discouraged by the audience or demotivated by my own band members. There were even fights regarding who was right and wrong. These experiences didn’t ruin my impression of the music world, but instead, they strengthened my viewpoint towards the vital element that should be in every band. We should always learn to forgive and move on. As for the skills that I am still undergoing lessons, in the process of learning them, I am also equipping myself with extra values like patience and kindness in helping others out in catching up and understanding the lessons and skills. To me, the journey that I went through in learning and obtaining knowledge about the drums was priceless, and if I were given another chance to undergo the process, I would do it all over again.

Gratitude Towards the Compassionate Mentors in My Journey

Then, I would like to give the heartiest thanks to those who taught me with so much patience and compassion. I am also very grateful to the band members that made me learn how to take into consideration of other people’s tempos and not just my own. This entire experience has embarked me on another journey in finding myself, and today, I dream of teaching another toddler about music, perhaps another toddler like me, who was once lost in my own comfort zone and preferred to be unnoticed. The learning journey is a non-ending process, and I truly believe that
if one is willing to explore things out of the box in one’s life and learn, even though the process is tough, that individual will reach a milestone in his or her life. Maybe not a milestone for the country or an organization, but definitely a great achievement for him or herself.

In conclusion, I am proud of being a musician. Music is my motivation to keep moving forward. Every time when I play the drum, I can feel a supernatural peace flows into my body and my soul. This is the reason why I love to be a musician.

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