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Easy Team Building Activities For College Students

13 Jun 2018Student Tips

When you imagine a student, you think about learning at university, reading books, writing papers. However, they have many other activities that help them relax and entertain. Learning and relaxing are connected and playing or walking with other people help them to make better connections.

There are different team building activities that most of the young people enjoy. Relaxing is a good thing, and relaxing together is a better thing, that is why it is recommended to make team building once a week or a month. They need to learn to work in the teams. To do it when learning, they should also learn to do it during the entertainment. Doing things that are not connected with studying is much more interesting for many people, even those who usually spend much time on learning.

Such indoor and outdoor collaboration activities help to solve conflicts between people. They also help to create positive connections, and help them to develop better communication. With the good communication during team building, it will also be good when studying at the university. If you don’t know games for students, it is not a problem. There is a lot of sources with the descriptions of such games and their rules. Group members need to select the most interesting games that want to play and buy equipment if needed.

Team Building Tips For Students

The idea to start classroom team building activities can be initiated by different persons. It can be a team leader, the head of the class, or any other people. To reach the high-school or college educational success, people should work together and consider the way of entertainment that will be interesting for everyone.

Such things can help to solve conflicts between people, if there are such problems. Games help to understand the point of view of other persons and accept it. Games also uncover our good sides that help us make connections with others.


However, team entertainment is also good if there are no any conflicts between members in the group. It is just a way to make connections deeper, learn to work with other team members, and use it to reach the success in studying.

It is also a good opportunity to show your talents. If young people play a game that requires writing a speech about yourself, it helps to uncover your talent to write interesting and attracting stories. If the goal is to play a specific book character, it helps to find acting skills.

Games should be not very difficult because students would not relax. They shouldn’t also be too easy because they wouldn’t be interesting for students. It is good when team building ideas are original and include many different things to do.

7 Funny Team Building Exercises For Students Group

Body Letters

This game requires to split people. They are better to be divided into a few groups of 4-5 students. To prepare for such classroom team building activities for students, you need big cards with letters on them, and stickers or other things to put these letters on wear of each student. Make a list of questions that can be answered by a word of 4-5 letters respectively. Give each team a minute and ask questions, make them rearrange in a way so letters on their bodies group the needed answers, each team get a point if they group a necessary word.


It is a card game about dwarfs who are going to find gold. When most of the players are good and do everything to find a card with gold, there is one or more saboteurs who want to stop them. It is a good collaboration activity and it requires only a special card set that can be bought in many board game shops.

Exploding Kittens

It is also a card game with funny items. Each card can bring you a lot of laughing when you read it. It is also very fast and members will not be bored for a long time even if they failed by picking an exploding kitten from the set. It is developed for many players, and it is very suitable for big groups of students.

Continue the Story

Many team building activities for college students are connected with storytelling. In this game, one student starts a story and each following student continues it by adding a few sentences to it. With time, the story grows more and more, it also can be written or recorded on a tape. Such stories are usually funny because you never understand what other students will say.

Who Am I

Each student writes a name of any popular character, real or fictional, and places it on the forehead of their neighbor. None of the students should know what is written on their forehead. Each student asks a few questions about his character and other students answer them. The goal is to guess your character earlier than other players, and it also helps to understand what books college students should read to learn characters from famous novels.

Hear Me

The group of players is sitting in a line, while others watching them. Each player in the line put headphones on and listen to loud music. One player removes headphones and says a phrase to their neighbor, and the neighbor tries to recognize this phrase and say it to another player. In the ending of the line, each player says what they heard, It can also be included into indoor team building exercises.

Tell about Yourself

This activity is good for teams of beginners, it helps them to learn more about others. Each player just tells an interesting fact about themselves, and when the circle ends, they repeat with other facts about themselves. There are no rules, people are just talking about who they are and what they like.

Make Your College Team Successful

There are many interesting and simple things that people can do for entertainment. If they are connected and friendly outside the class, they will also connected and friendly during the classes. That is why it is needed to popularize such games. 

It is also good if students ask their friends for a help with their papers. However, if you need help and are wondering whom to ask to write your literature review or another exercise, it is better to use special writing services that perform different tasks connected with student papers.

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