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Best 40 online math course

13 Nov 2017Student Tips

Our team receives tons of requests from students who beg “please, write my essay” every day so it already became a usual thing. However, although essays have always been among students’ biggest struggles, there is another thing that always makes young people feel stressed and helpless. This thing is called math!

It can sometimes seem like there is no end to the amount of tricky sums and formulae to conquer. And sometimes it can seem like once you’ve conquered one aspect of it, another confusing and complex one pops up out of nowhere. It can involve a lot of different things, like trying to find the circumference of a shape, the trajectory of a train or the value of an untold number. And though this can seem like the teacher just trying to force the class to work out ridiculous and pointless sums, but every little equation is an extremely important exercise in a very helpful mathematical sum.


But, Maths is extremely vital. It is a large and important aspect of life in so many different ways. From calculating the trajectory of a satellite past a planet, to working out how much you owe the cashier at the supermarket! This is why it is held at such a high importance in school. It might be hard, but you should try and see it as a privilege to study maths! To acquire a set of skills in Maths opens one up to a myriad of different abilities, and of course, career opportunities, even though it is associated with numerous issues. One of the biggest problems for math students has always been the need to complete numerous written works because those who have mastered the le letters just as good. Luckily, for this case we have a chance to request professional essay help!

Maths conveys to a business or interviewer that, not only can you add numbers together, but that you also have an amount of pragmatism and problem solving ability, these are skills that businesses love as it what makes a company run smoothly. And, even if you don’t want to go into a career heavily involving mathematics, you will still need it to run your everyday life! Somebody needs to calculate the money you have coming in comparison to your outgoings. Somebody needs to calculate how much holiday you can take at your job and when you should take it, somebody needs to calculate when you’ll arrive at your important meeting! You’ll need maths at a lot of different points in your career, and even in your day-to-day life.

Maths is complex, but it’s not impossible. There is always a solution and just like you can turn to a reliable essay writing service to resolve issues with academic writing, you can conquer math with the help of online courses. Online courses can push you that little bit further than your class or teacher can in the comfort and safety of your own room. Lessons can be dictated to you online in a simple and entertaining way. And with online courses, you can actively see how far you have made it through a selection of courses, while it can often feel like an uphill struggle with no recognition when you’re in class.

With the importance and challenging nature of maths in mind, we present to you a selection of over 40 online courses, engineered to support and challenge you in mathematics. With so many courses to choose from, from 6 different platforms, we can assure you’ll find something that can really support your learning, and help you to reach the level of mathematical expertise you desire. Our platforms include:

1. Edx.org

(They take their objective of expert global education seriously, and with a handy facebook sign-in method optional, you can’t argue with their accessibility)

Their courses include:

Master the concepts of Calculus that are required for the AP exam. Build confidence in these concepts as you are taught by experienced Calculus tutors.

Master the most difficult topics that could come up in your exam. Build graphical knowledge with our interactive graphing tuition.

This course will teach you the required skills for a successful course in Calculus. It is college-level and also credit eligible, so will help you on your way to Harvard.

This course is packed full of challenging, visual stimulus, essential for mathematicians, engineers and scientists alike. Learn linear algebra, and link it to matrix software development.

Learn the basics of algebra through this fun and interactive course, it covers a standard curriculum in high-school algebra 1, allowing you to really get ahead in the classroom!

Discover how to calculate areas and volumes and prove geometric theorems in this course! Geometry has been such a huge part of mathematical history, so catch up with this course!

Learn to apply basic algebraic reasoning to solve problems effectively, this is another credit eligible course!

If you are interested in a career in data and information science, this course is essential! Learn the fundamentals of probability and variables.

Learn even more about certain distribution models. These probability courses will have you set for a life in data science!

Learn the essential fundamentals to move forward into studying on an MBA program. Providing a focus on subjects such as Accounting, Economics and Finance.

Apply single-variable calculus to create mathematical models used by real practitioners in social, life and physical science!

Learn the basics of statistical inference in this course, as we introduce you to probabilistic models. The world is full of uncertainty; what time is it? Did Jesus exist? You may not be able to answer the last one, but you’ll be able to answer a lot of questions after this course.

iscover how counting principles solve problems in computer science, financial analysis and your daily life.

EDX can be a real help to you in your prospective career in computer science, data technician and many more!

2. Lynda.com

(This site provide cost-effective courses in a range of useful courses, connect your courses with gmail and get interactive using google classroom.)

Their courses include:

Discover how to approach problems in business by using numbers. Learn about the power of ratios and percentages, evaluating a budget, and also the dynamics of loan payments and interest rates.

Get to grips with maths topics that are essential for real world problems.

This course helps you to push forward into equations included in geometry, trigonometry and calculus. Get a head start and learn the basics of addition, subtraction and many more!

         Learn the fundamental concepts to aid you in solving algebraic equations.

3. Coursera.org

(Funded by Penn State, John Hopkins University and many more, these courses will help you with the logic behind many processes used in finance and business)

Their courses include:

Be taught to think how real mathematicians do, improve your analytical thinking and thinking processes required to be a real mathematic thinker.

4. KhanAcademy.org

(Khan Academy’s objective is to provide top class tutelage, for anyone, anywhere. And with these courses available, it’s safe to say that they achieve what they set out to do. Another site that allows for gmail sign in, and has google classroom capabilities)

Their courses include:

This is an extremely broad and far-reaching introduction to algebra, covering the foundations of the art. And moving on to word problems, sequences, functions and a lot more. This course will really help you translate one of mathematics most infamous subjects into something you can handle.

You’ll start with basic trigonometric ratios, moving onto more advanced uses of the sine, cosine and tangent principles.

This course includes everything you need to support you when studying high school geometry. Including analytical geometry, congruence and transformations. A real helping hand for any struggling student!

Learn how aspects such as vectors can be used to model real-world situations, as well as plotting complex equations on the complex plane and a bit on the basics of probability of combinatorics.

Khan Academy are the official practice partner of AP, so who better to get you started on what you might come up against in the exam. Join us for an insight into derivatives, existence thereoms and a lot more.

Understand how to map one set of vectors to another and explore movement between various coordinate systems in this in-depth course!

Delve into the world of algebra even further and learn how to use complex numbers and perform arithmetic with polynomials.

Learn how statistics can be used to project, predict and estimate certain probabilities, and get a bit of practice modelling data distributions in order to get a grip on utilising data.

Learn everything you’ll possibly need to know on multivariable functions, how to apply and integrate them with ease!

Learn how these equations differ from regular ones and develop your knowledge of first and second order equations.

Create and interpret scatterplots, infer the likelihood and unlikelihood of certain outcomes and learn a lot more about normal distribution in this high school level course!

5. FutureLearn.com

(Future Learns online courses can really develop your understanding of certain aspects of mathematics, no need to listen to tutorials on repeat, these courses will help you in an interactive way!)

This course needs no introduction, it will provide you with essential mathematical skills, in order for you to take your first course in calculus.

Explore the world of secret codes where numbers, letters and symbols are interchangeable. Your first step towards an amazing mathematical discovery!

6. Ocw.mit.edu

(Receive video lectures from real life math scholars in these amazing courses!)

Their courses include:

Join professor Gilbert Strang as he introduces you to the world of linear algebra. He’ll take you through factorization, multiplication, inverse matrices and much more!

A whole host of lectures dedicated to understanding and applying multivariable calculus, learn the basics and develop your knowledge with these informative video lectures.


Extinguish your worries and anxieties surrounding differential equations with Professor Arthur Mattuck, everything from complex numbers, to first order autonomous ODE’s.

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