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Top 100 Environmental Science Project Topics

Written by Helen Burgos
Posted: June 27, 2021
Last update date: June 20, 2024
7 min read

With the environment and global warming in its current predicament, it’s no surprise that environmental science job opportunities will be on the rise in the very near future.

With the environment and global warming in its current predicament, it’s no surprise that environmental science job opportunities will be on the rise in the very near future. Therefore, so are the numbers of students pursuing studies in this field. The last four decades have seen huge changes in the rate of global warming and so more than ever before, we need people to study topics in environmental science.

For anyone majoring in environmental science, anyone needing to write environmental studies project topics for a science course, or essay writer who is working on topical essays this comprehensive article will talk you through the top ten project topics to pursue. For each project topic, we’ll give you ten ideas.

Climate Change

There’ll always be an environment, but it’s looking more and more likely that it won’t be like our current one in the future. With this in mind, here are the top ten environmental project topics for college students on climate change:

  1. Is global warming a natural phenomenon?
  2. The politicization of global warming.
  3. How do eddy covariance towers work?
  4. Planetary tilt – does it affect global warming?
  5. The differences between climate change and the greenhouse effect.
  6. Why is carbon dioxide a greenhouse gas?
  7. How do changes to weather patterns affect the Earth’s climate?
  8. The concept of polar amplification.
  9. The barriers to climate change responses.
  10. The “heat island” effect.
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Renewable Energy

Our advances through the industrial revolution and the use of fossil fuels are now coming back to bite us. Here are ten environmental topics for project on renewable energy:

  1. The pros and cons of hydropower.
  2. Solar energy and pollution.
  3. Solar energy to help the economy.
  4. Geothermal energy: an unlikely major energy source?
  5. The problems caused by renewable energies.
  6. Understanding geothermal energy.
  7. Are hydrogen fuel cells a viable alternative?
  8. The advantages and disadvantages of solar power.
  9. Transporting geothermal energy: a study.
  10. The challenges of large-scale biomass energy use.

Urban Ecology

Urban ecology is an important consideration for environmental science projects for college students who are eager to pay for essay to receive high grades for assignments. When we study the environment, we tend to think of green spaces and rural lands, but urban ecology is important too. As such, here are ten environmental science project ideas on this topic:

  1. How do unequal urban planning and greenspace distribution affect temperatures in a city?
  2. How does urbanization affect surrounding rural areas?
  3. How is the local climate affected by buildings and pavements?
  4. What is the urban heat island effect?
  5. How are water sources affected by urbanization?
  6. How has human development affected our green spaces?
  7. How is social identity linked to urbanization?
  8. What impact does transport have on rural locations?
  9. How can the natural environment be integrated into urban planning and design projects?
  10. What is water harvesting?
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Land and Water Use

When humans use natural resources, they also disrupt natural ecosystems. This is an important area of study as we try to claw back and save some of the world’s resources from being entirely depleted. Here are ten interesting environment related topics for project on this subject:

  1. How have overfishing and non-sustainable fishing methods affected our oceans?
  2. How does using water for irrigation affect natural ecosystems?
  3. The impacts of different societies’ ecological footprints in terms of waste production and resource demands.
  4. How can we mitigate deforestation?
  5. An analysis of The Green Revolution.
  6. The impact of salt application to streams.
  7. How does using an ANN (artificial neural network) for rainfall-runoff affect ecosystems?
  8. How do land-use changes impact urban runoff?
  9. Relationships between water quality, land use and land use change.
  10. Land use effects on lake water quality.


Pollution is one of the planet and humanity’s worst enemies. Agriculture, transportation, and industry can cause horrific environmental catastrophes. Check out the possible environment science project topics on pollution:

  1. The impact of pollution on health care.
  2. The effects of environmental pollution and water pollution on marine life.
  3. The effects of air pollution on the food chain.
  4. How environmental pollution affects Arctic.
  5. The health hazards associated with waste accumulation and water pollution.
  6. How do human activities change the world’s oceans?
  7. Conservation and how it helps to reduce air pollution.
  8. The difficulty of establishing direct links between health problems, air pollution, and air quality.
  9. Environmental policy regarding air pollution and acid rain.
  10. The effect of acid rain in urban and natural areas.

Environmental Science Topics for College Students

Environmental studies at college is all about studying in-depth biological, chemical, and physical processes on Earth. Environmental sciences also incorporates social, cultural, and political processes that have an impact. When studying Environmental Science at college level, a project need to seek out ways to present complex relationships in a simple way. Here are some ideal environmental science projects for college students:

  1. Genetically Modified (GM) foods and their impact on the environment.
  2. The global impact of radiation and nuclear accidents.
  3. The role of the UNEP in environmental conservation.
  4. The impact of freak weather incidents.
  5. Micro-plastics in drinking water – why and how have they got there?
  6. The Nagasaki and Hiroshima bombings – what have we learned about nuclear bombs and the effects on the ecosystem?
  7. The impact of Coronavirus and maintaining the ecosystem.
  8. The role of the media in conservation campaigns.
  9. Tourism and the impact of human activities on a local and global level.
  10. How has the US departure from the Paris Climate Agreement changed things?

Energy Resources and Consumption

Lots of environmental studies project topics goes into looking at energy resources and consumption, which makes this a great project topic. There is already a lot of information out there, which makes this easy to research.

  1. What is the relationship between energy efficiency and energy conservation?
  2. What are the economic, social, and environmental costs of solar energy?
  3. Was coal pivotal in industrialization?
  4. The impact of fracking on the environment.
  5. Compare and contrast the processes of extracting oil and mining coal.
  6. How is ethanol produced as a biofuel?
  7. Nuclear energy is a viable clean energy. Discuss.
  8. The environmental effects of a nuclear conflict explored.
  9. What is plant biomass?
  10. The challenges of converting to large-scale biomass energy.


You can't write a list environment project topics about environmental science, without mentioning population, environmental health, and the changes we've seen over the years. A lot of environment research focuses on population and its effects. Here are some ideas:

  1. Population growth and its effects on GDP.
  2. Factors that control population growth and the effect of density.
  3. An exploration of population momentum.
  4. The importance of studying population ecology.
  5. The effect of human migration on populations.
  6. The effects of overpopulation.
  7. The effects of global warming on the global population.
  8. Is sustainable development possible in a growing population?
  9. What would happen if the demand for natural resources became greater than the supply?
  10. How serious is the world population explosion?
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Noise and Light Pollution

Though lots of people don’t consider light and noise as pollutants, the reality is that they are. Noise levels and light levels can affect organisms. Here are some interesting topics for science projects on noise and light pollution:

  1. How is local wildlife affected by airport noise?
  2. What happens if orcas aren’t able to use echolocation due to freight noise?
  3. Migrating birds and the confusion from bright lights.
  4. The effect of bright lights in resorts and sea turtles emerging from nests.
  5. How bright city lights affect nocturnal animals.
  6. The disruption of nocturnal activity in frogs and toads due to artificial light glare.
  7. Artificial lights and the effects on migratory birds.
  8. Light pollution and the effects on plants.
  9. Changes in animal behavior due to noise pollution.
  10. Noise pollution and the effects on mating frogs.

Conservation Biology

With as many as 2,000 species becoming extinct each year, we’re experiencing a serious problem. Conservation biology is a huge topic of interest when you need to "write my essay" and want to succeed with this task. Here are some ideas for exploration:

  1. How has human behavior ramped up endangered species extinction rates?
  2. How do humans threaten endangered species?
  3. What will the effects of a loss in biodiversity be for humans?
  4. If honeybees become extinct, what other changes would we see?
  5. Why is the decline in pollinating insects so dangerous?
  6. What happens if we lose endangered species?
  7. What is the Holocene extinction event?
  8. The collapse of the world’s coral reef ecosystems.
  9. The threat of acidification in our oceans.
  10. How can environmental policy help threats to biodiversity?


It's clear to say that there is a huge variety in topics in environmental science. For anyone looking for an environmental science project topic, we hope this extensive list has helped narrow down your ideas. Whether you're looking for environmental research topics for college students or high school, there is something for everyone here.

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