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Feminist Research Topics for Students

Written by Helen Burgos
Posted: June 29, 2023
Last update date: March 22, 2024
10 min read

To what extent do you want to explore feminist research? This essay digs deeply into a wide variety of fascinating topics connected to the exciting realms of gender equality, the feminism movement, and radical feminism. These discussions will center on how feminist theory challenges gender discrimination and feminist ideas shape the modern world. We want to examine how feminist research topics affect society.

Key Points

  • Intriguing inquiries in research encourage curiosity, analysis, and investigation.
  • Choosing suitable feminist topics for your paper may shift the conversation and make the world better.

How to Select the Best Feminist Research Topic?

It’s a daring endeavor to think of ways to determine which research paper on feminism is the greatest. The knowledge that there are other sources for a research paper on feminism is, nonetheless, valuable. As a result, you need to choose the right feminist topics to write about. Here are three rules to live by as you sift through potential options and choose the best feminist research paper:

  • Embrace your passion: Think about what you really care about while deciding on a topic. Follow your curiosity, whether it leads you to examine the impact of feminist movements on modern lifestyles or radical feminist ideas.
  • Think beyond the surface: Dig deeper below the surface to learn about the true nature of gender disparity and bias. Investigate the complexities of feminist theory and how it might affect different social institutions. Consider looking into little-known details that may be key to understanding significant problems.
  • Address real-world problems: Feminist research can improve people’s lives. Focus on issues like women empowerment research topics that can make a difference and have real-world applicability. Aligning your feminism research topics with the goals of the feminist movement is possible via a focus on practical issues.

Feminist Research Paper Topic Ideas

This section will delve into captivating feminist research topics that bring attention to equality and the results of feminist movements. Remember that references and citing sources are just as crucial as picking a topic. Here are 15 samples to explore:

  1. Feminist Psychology; Critical Analysis To Empowerment Metrics.
  2. Examining How Liberal Feminism Has Shaped The Fight For Women’s Rights.
  3. Feminism Reconstructed Gender Roles And Expectations
  4. Women’s Health Care And Reproductive Rights: A Feminist Analysis.
  5. Domestic Violence Against Women.
  6. The Feminist Critics’ Position On Current Social Issues.
  7. Making A Modern Feminist Manifesto: Goals, Obstacles, And Tactics.
  8. How Feminism Influences Science And Scientific Research.
  9. Gender Empowerment Measures.
  10. Women’s Suffrage Movement And Its Past, Present, And Future Struggles.
  11. Women In Military And Religious Families
  12. Impeded Feminist Advocacy: Obstacles To And Methods For Propelling Social Change.
  13. Resonating The Stories And Perspectives Of Black Women (Black Feminism).
  14. Widespread Effects Of Gender Inequality.
  15. Religious Patriarchy And Feminist Critiques.

Controversial Feminist Research Paper Topics

Deftly navigating the waters of potentially divisive feminist research topics requires careful consideration and analysis. For this reason, it is not easy to learn all there is to know about how feminism affect modern lifestyle. The option to pay for a research paper is an excellent help to individuals who lack the time to complete their research. A handful of problematic topics for research papers are as follows:

  1. The Force Of Black Feminism In Overturning Assumptions And Kickstarting Progress.
  2. Using Sexual Education To Combat Global Gender Inequality.
  3. Do International Laws Targeting Inequality Actually Make A Difference?
  4. Subverting Gender Stereotypes Via Sexual Education And Toy Distribution.
  5. Questioning The Feminist Movement: Does It Promote Female Dominance?
  6. Culture, History, And The Development Of Feminist Ideologies In Islamic Nations.
  7. Media’s Stereotypes And Their Challenge
  8. Principles Of Empowering Women And Their Effects And Applications
  9. Examining The Impact Of Feminism On The Present-Day World
  10. Theories On Women’s Rights In An Era Of Provocative Feminism
  11. The Radical Feminists Debate: Social Uniters Or Fragmenters?
  12. Supporting Women’s Political Participation Via Feminist Advocacy
  13.  Feminism Equate: Taking A Look At The Myths About Feminist Philosophies.
  14. Changes In Feminist Sociology Over Time And In Application
  15. Rethinking Stereotypes Through Feminist Analysis Of Family Life.

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Feminist Argumentative Research Topics

Explore the intriguing world of the feminist movement and feminism’s effect on contemporary lives while delving into key feminist argumentation research subjects. Below are some samples topics to consider:

  1. Feminist Movement On Gender Roles
  2. Feminist Critics In Challenging Societal Norms.
  3. The Root Causes Of Domestic Violence Against Women.
  4. Gender Empowerment Measure And Its Implications For Equality.
  5. Investigating The Historical Struggles For Women’s Suffrage Worldwide.
  6.  Feminist Ideology In Contemporary Society.
  7. The Implementation Of The Women’s Empowerment Principles In Organizations.
  8. Feasibility In Achieving Total Global Gender Equality.
  9.  Modern Society’s Perception Of Equal Rights And Equality Of Women.
  10. Analyzing The Factors And Consequences Of The Anti-Feminist Movement.
  11. The Role Of Empowering Women In Promoting Social Progress.
  12. Investigating Ethnic Groups Prohibit Feminism And Its Implications.
  13. The Tenets And Impact Of Marxist Feminism In Society.
  14. Strategies To Promote Feminism And Its Effectiveness.
  15. Misconceptions And Prejudices About What Radical Feminism Preach About.

Feminist History Research Paper Topics

You can better appreciate the struggles and victories of women throughout history by studying the development of the feminist movement in modern society. Here are some examples of feminist history research paper ideas:

  1. Feminist Ideology In The Suffrage Movement.
  2. Historical Account On Societal Discrimination Faced By Women In The Workplace.
  3. Why the Feminist Movements Deserve Recognition In History.
  4. Exploring The Gender Gap In Stem Fields: Historical Perspectives And Modern Challenges.
  5.  Gender Inequality Aspects In Historical Legal Systems.
  6. Historical Account On How Islamic Countries Address The Female Gender.
  7. Unveiling Gender Differences In Historical Art Movements.
  8. Political Statements Made By Feminist Activists In The 20th Century.
  9. Adopting Feminism: Historical Account On Women’s Rights Movements Worldwide.
  10. Civil Rights Movement And Its Influence On Feminist Activism.
  11. When Religious Groups Find Feminism: Perspectives And Challenges.
  12. Lessons From Historical Feminist Struggles On Achieving Gender Equality.
  13. Historical Account On How Feminists Cope With Societal Pressures.
  14. Breaking Down Stereotypes: How Feminist Movements Redefine Women.
  15. Historical Perspectives On Feminism’s Role In Shaping Civil Society.

Women’s Rights Research Topics

Researching is an excellent approach to educating yourself on the global status of women and the feminist movement. Here are 15 topic examples below:

  1. Women’s Rights in All Countries
  2. About Women’s Rights and Equality
  3. Equality between Men and Women
  4. Women’s Rights in Pakistan
  5. Women’s Rights in the United States in the 1970s
  6. Women’s Rights in Pride and Prejudice
  7. Abortion and Women’s Rights
  8. Women’s Rights in the French Revolution
  9. Elizabeth Stanton’s Impact on the Women’s Rights Movement
  10. Women’s Rights to Choose
  11. History of Women’s Rights in India
  12. Pencils and Bullets Women’s Rights in Afghanistan
  13. The Battle Fight for the Equality and Rights of Women
  14. Women’s Rights and Abolitionist Movement
  15. An Issue of Women’s Reproductive Rights

Feminist Theory Research Paper Topics

Gender’s impact on society, politics, and the economy are only some of the topics explored by feminist theoretical notions. Critical theory, poststructuralism, and postcolonial theory are only a few of the lenses through which feminist theorists examine gender equality and relationships. Research paper themes on this aspect are many, but some of the more common ones include the following:

  1. Feminist Theory: From Suffragettes To Intersectionality.
  2. The Effects Of Sexual Objectification On Women’s Mental Health.
  3. Women Empowerment: Unleashing The Fierce Force Within.
  4. Subtle Ways Sexism Persists In Modern Times And How Society Undermine Women.
  5. How Feminist Ideologies Examine Gender Disparity With A Magnifying Glass.
  6. Domestic Violence: Unveiling Its Dark Impact Behind Closed Doors.
  7. The Ripple Effect: How Domestic Violence Affects Generations.
  8. Human Rights: The Foundation Of Feminism’s Fight For Equality.
  9. Bridging Continents, Igniting Change Among European And African Feminists.
  10. How Social Media Shaped Feminism In The Digital Age.
  11. Feminism’s Impact On Society: A Radical Makeover Or Subtle Transformation?
  12. Making A Political Statement: Feminism’s Role In The Power Game.
  13. How Society Define Women: Challenging Stereotypes And Celebrating Diversity.
  14. Feminist Approaches To Domestic Violence Prevention And Support.
  15. Women In Political Movements: From Suffrage To Modern Feminism.

Feminism Project Ideas

Do you want more people to adopt feminism? You can study its influence on contemporary society or how modern feminism interacts with other social movements. Here are some examples of feminist topics for project ideas

  1. Examining How Feminism Affected Society.
  2. Documenting The Stories Of Domestic Violence Survivors.
  3. The Impact Of The Feminist Movement Throughout History.
  4. Breaking Chains: Investigating How Domestic Violence Affects Marginalized Communities.
  5. Encouraging Young People To Adopt Feminist Values.
  6. Equal Rights, Equal Lives: Advocating For Human Rights Through Feminism.
  7. Addressing Abortion Discrimination Against Women Seeking Abortions.
  8. How Cyber Feminism Imply Gender Empowerment Online.
  9. Raising Awareness About The Gender Gap In Various Sectors.
  10. Shedding Light On The Reality Of Domestic Violence.
  11. Supporting Survivors Of Domestic Violence Through Community Initiatives.
  12. Empowering Women To Challenge Patriarchal Norms In Public Spaces.
  13. Celebrating Influential Women Who Shaped The Feminist Movement.
  14. How Feminism Challenges Societal Expectations.
  15. Promoting Equality Through Grassroots Feminist Activism.

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Women’s Studies Research Topics

Investigating issues like gender stereotypes in the media and the fight for women’s suffrage fall under the umbrella of women’s studies. Here are some potential study topics in the field of women’s studies:

  1. Implement Women’s Empowerment Programs In Promoting Gender Equality.
  2. Exploring The Cultural Significance Of Women’s Clothing And Fashion.
  3. How Domestic Violence Affect Women’s Mental Health
  4. Breaking Gender Barriers Of Women In Sports.
  5. Understanding The Experiences Of LGBTQ+ Women.
  6. Maternal Healthcare Disparities: Impact Of Race And Socioeconomic Factors.
  7. The Role Of Women In Peacebuilding And Conflict Resolution
  8. Women’s Participation In The Labor Force
  9. Connection Between Women’s Rights And Ecological Sustainability.
  10. History And Impact Of Reproductive Rights Movements.
  11. Women’s Representation In Literature And The Arts
  12. Women’s Experiences In Prison
  13. Women’s entrepreneurship
  14. The impact of gender-based Violence on marginalized communities.
  15. Women and aging.

Feminist Research Topics For Discussion

The field of feminist research provides fertile ground for serious and stimulating debates. Consider these feminist research topics suggested to spark some ideas.

  1. The portrayal of women in the media
  2. Persisting wage disparity between men and women.
  3. The overlapping effects of gender, race, and class in social inequality.
  4. Impact of societal beauty standards on women’s mental health.
  5. Sexual harassment in the Workplace
  6. Ongoing battle for women’s autonomy over their bodies.
  7. Women’s political representation:
  8. LGBTQ+ feminism
  9. Shedding light on domestic Violence and sexual assault.
  10. Challenges faced by women in science and technology.
  11. Advocating for accessible and equitable maternal healthcare services.
  12. Women’s Rights in developing countries
  13. Exploring the intersection of faith and women’s rights movements.
  14. Importance of male engagement in promoting gender equality.
  15. Gendered aspects of digital abuse and advocating for online safety.

Interesting Research Topics

Interesting research topics spark interest, critical thinking, and inquiry. It is also a way to showcase your writing and research skills. For those seeking to ease the burden, you can also buy apa research paper on exciting research topics to adopt feminism.

  1. Feminism in a Doll’s House
  2. Feminism of Romeo and Juliet
  3. Feminism and Masculinity in Henrik Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House”
  4. Three Waves of Feminism
  5. Expressing Feminism in Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
  6. Gender Inequality and Feminism
  7. About Feminism in Hamlet
  8. Gladwell Outliers, Privilege Video, Intersectional Feminism
  9. Feminism is for Everybody Themes of Feminism Marriage and Respect Found in a Doll’s House
  10. Gender Inequality in the Workplace
  11. Feminism Represented through Frankenstein’s Characters
  12. Feminism in Frankenstein
  13. Short Essay on Feminism
  14. Dracula: Sexism and Feminism
  15. Beyonce’s Feminism Independent Woman in Her Song

Abortion Research Paper Topics

Abortion research has ranged from considering the moral complexities of the issue to assessing how legalization has affected women’s reproductive rights. Here are some sample topics below:

  1. Why Abortion is Wrong
  2. Abortion: the most Debated Topic
  3. Should abortion be Illegal or Not?
  4. Abortion: a Woman’s Choice
  5. Don Marquis’s View on Abortion
  6. The Murder of Innocence
  7. Abortion: Go or no Go
  8. Effects of Abortion on Young Women
  9. A Theme of Abortion
  10. Abortion Laws
  11. The History of Abortion
  12. Debates on Abortion Theme
  13. Reasons the Constitution of Texas Should be Rewritten
  14. Abortion in Teens should be Abolished
  15. Get Rid of Abortion or Not?

Women Empowerment Research Paper Topics

Exploring topics like gender equality, women’s leadership, and the social and economic effects of empowering women is essential for unlocking women’s potential. Below are sample topics you can explore:

  1. Women’s Leadership in Corporate America.
  2. The Role of Education in Empowering Women Worldwide.
  3. Women in Politics
  4. Empowering Women in Sports Leadership
  5. Empowering Rural Women and Promoting Economic Independence in Agricultural Communities.
  6. The Impact of Empowering Women on Sustainable Development Goals.
  7. Empowering Women in Traditional Societies
  8. Empowering Women through Microfinance
  9. Exploring Non-Traditional Careers for Women.
  10. Media Representation and Women’s Empowerment
  11. Addressing Gender-Based Violence against Women.
  12. Women’s Empowerment in Entrepreneurship
  13. Recognizing Multiple Dimensions of Female Identity.
  14. Women’s Empowerment and Health
  15. Empowering Women in Art and Media

Domestic Violence Research Paper Topics

Domestic Violence is a sad fact in a society where love and trust should rule. By investigating many angles of the problem, we may learn more about ending the cycle of domestic abuse.

  1. Domestic Violence: the Effect it has on Children
  2. Faith Harper Domestic Violence Case Study
  3. Domestic Violence and the Physicological Affects
  4. The Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse
  5. Domestic Violence in Ethiopia
  6. Domestic Violence and Women’s Mental Health
  7. Domestic Violence and Traditional Feminist Philosophy and Beliefs
  8. What are the Possible Causes and Signs of Domestic Violence
  9. Domestic Violence: Advertisement in a Saudi Arabia
  10. Domestic Violence in the United States
  11. Domestic Violence: a Power and Control Perspective Wheel
  12. Exploitation and Spiteful Crimes against Women in the United States
  13. Low Self-Esteem and Abusive Relationships
  14. The Effects of Domestic Violence: Family & Society
  15. Adverse Childhood Experiences and Women in Domestic Violence Shelters


We have investigated the nuanced nature of gender parity, delving into topics of vital importance to women everywhere. We’ve discussed everything from reproductive freedom to discrimination in the workplace. Hopefully, you’ve learned something new and been inspired to become a feminist activist after reading this. Remember that information is power, and each area of study represents progress toward a more just and equal tomorrow. Never stop exploring, expanding your knowledge, and working to make a difference.

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