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Best Social Issues Essay Topic Examples

Written by Helen Burgos
Posted: November 3, 2022
Last update date: June 20, 2024
7 min read

Students often look for social issues essay topics to write about, but it can be challenging to come up with one that both sounds interesting and important.

For example, finding a problem in society that can be an essay topic for social science issues can be tricky. And many of them go like, “should I pay someone to do my essay.” So, before you decide, we have prepared a list of examples of social issue essay topics.

These topics are diverse and exciting because they provide food for thought and teach potential writers how to think critically. Furthermore, these are all original ideas with nothing plagiarized or copied from somewhere else, so they’re perfect for any student struggling with coming up with a subject. So, check out this list of social justice issues essay topics!

What Are Social Justice Topics for Essay?

Social justice is a complex matter covering various problems affecting a group of individuals. Thus, social issues essay topics affect our society as a whole. It can be anything from pollution to poverty, racism, etc., and it usually has a negative impact on the lives of others.

The said issues are not limited to what is happening in the world today and have broad coverage. Social problems can be about something that happened in the past or something that could happen in the future; therefore, they are not bound by time.

The main reason why you should care is that it affects you too. The environment in which we live is constantly changing, and if we don’t take action, then our future will be bleak. That’s why, when writing examples essays about social issues, you ought to gain insights into the matter and express your position. Below you will see social justice essay topics, essay examples, and more that will significantly aid you when you need ideas.

How To Choose The Right Social Justice Persuasive Essay Topics

Choosing a social issue essay topic is more challenging than it seems. However, there are a few things to consider which may help you before you decide on one.

  • The first thing is to make sure that the essay topic is interesting and relevant to the audience. You want your essay to be exciting and engaging so that the reader will stay interested in your writing. In addition, you must pick a topic that will resonate with your readers, something they can relate to.

  • Secondly, you should always try to pick a topic that has some connection with your life experience or personal passions. That will help you stay motivated while writing the essay because you will be eager to learn more and, accordingly, write more. This connection will also make it easier for you to come up with ideas for your paper.

  • Lastly, remember the length of the essay is crucial! Make sure that your choice won’t leave too little space for all of your thoughts and explanations because this can make writing difficult and tedious.

Now you know what a social justice essay is and how to pick the right subject for it, even without an essay title generator. Then it is time to check our well-written social issues topics list, with various examples that can help you.

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Good Social Justice Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Define the meaning of modern gaming and its relation to students’ violence boom.
  2. Racism and reverse racism, are they equally bad, and why?
  3. Define the term justice and its place in our society.
  4. Are the effects of social media catastrophic to young people’s relations?
  5. Do countries need visas, and if not, then why?
  6. Utopia and world peace, is it possible or just a wishful fantasy of the young rebels?

Social Issues Topics About Health

  1. Why is obesity in America one of the significant health issues?
  2. Elderly people, who should be responsible for taking care of them and why?
  3. Should the legal drinking age be lowered, and what issues can it cause?
  4. Porn, what it means to the modern world, and how it affects people’s health?
  5. Against vaccines, why do people not believe in medicine?
  6. Free healthcare for anyone defines the benefits of changes in the healthcare system.

Social issues essay topics are a great way to tackle important topics in society. With the help of essay writers online, students can gain insights into the issues and develop a well-informed opinion about them. Such essays can lead to a better understanding of the diverse issues that plague our society and can help us in finding solutions.

Social Issues Essay Topics About Environment

  1. Climate changes, how traveling the world affects them, and what to avoid.
  2. Drinking water and its pollution ensure everyone has access to it.
  3. How do plastic products affect the environment, and how can social media change that?
  4. Global warming and the rising levels of the oceans define the possible threats.
  5. The issue with climate change and what modern society should do to avoid it.
  6. Waste reduction, describe how it will protect our planet’s ecosystem.

Social Issues Topics About War and Peace

  1. Peace and wars, their relation, and can one exist without the other?
  2. European countries’ restoration after the first and second World Wars.
  3. Technology and scientific revolutions, can they be war aftermaths?
  4. What are the population’s thoughts about the war in our peaceful times?
  5. Are war monuments necessary, and what are their effects in calm times?
  6. How do war and peace influence children’s minds?

Social Issues Topics About Police and Criminal

  1. Underage people and how to respond to their crimes?
  2. What is the importance of racial profiling for criminal cases?
  3. Deescalating riots, modern measures to avoid conflicts and harm.
  4. Futuristic ways of decreasing criminal activities.
  5. Should the police officers’ recruitment standards and education be stepped up?
  6. How should drug usage be punished, or should it be legal?

Social Issues Topics About Pornography

  1. What are the effects of pornography, and how does it affect the perception of sex?
  2. In the porn industry, is the concept of permission a valid issue or not?
  3. How should we perceive paid sex? Is it legal, and should it be?
  4. Adult industry and how pornography should be controlled?
  5. Porn stars and the unfair contract strategies they have to deal with.
  6. Pornography, what is its acceptance in our society?

Social Issues Topics About Feminism

  1. Has feminism always existed, or is it a plot of modern society?
  2. Feminism, radical or not, which is the best current option?
  3. Waves of feminism throughout the ages.
  4. Who created the feminist movement and why?
  5. Is feminism still a must in the 21st century?
  6. How powerful women in history made the first feminist movements that shook the world.

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Social Issues Topics About Abortion

  1. What are the possible aftermaths of delegalizing abortion?
  2. Modern society, thoughts on abortion, and outlook towards past tendencies.
  3. Should men be allowed to speak up and make decisions in matters like abortion?
  4. How does abortion affect psychological health in women and men?
  5. Religion, health, and abortion, the connection between them, and how they affect each other.
  6. Birth control and abortion, what is the impact and importance of non-hormonal birth control pills?

Social Issues Topics About Racism

  1. Racism and how did it change over the years?
  2. Can racism be tracked back in history, how, and where?
  3. Did racism come out as an aftermath because of colonialism or not?
  4. How does racism affect our society, and how should it change?
  5. Everyday racism, and how can it be prevented?
  6. Is racism an over-discussed matter, and how does it affect the population?

Social Issues Topics About Migration and Refugees

  1. How has migration changed the world over the past 50 years?
  2. Ancient migration and its effect on the continents and our civilization.
  3. Importance of immigrants’ integration in our society.
  4. Chinese settlers in Europe and America and the marks they left in the local culture.
  5. Immigrants and the tension between the American and Mexican borders.
  6. How did immigration enrich world cuisine?

Social Issues Topics About Human Rights

  1. Male circumstantial right after birth, is it a legit violation of human rights and why?
  2. Freedom of speech, how does it affect society?
  3. How should the world act against the issues with human rights in some countries?
  4. Should we consider access to the internet a human right in our modern society?
  5. Human rights during history, and how did they affect the world back then?
  6. Civil and human rights describe the difference between them and their effects.

Social Issues Topics About Education

  1. Define the benefits of free education and how it benefits the world.
  2. Should all schools have a dress code or not?
  3. How does the education system prevent modern-day bullying?
  4. Is the educational system accessible to everyone, and why?
  5. What is the impact of cyberbullying on the education and life of young students?
  6. Schools and the issue with discrimination and poor treatment of students.

Tips For Writing Social Issues Essays

We have explained how to pick your topic. That can serve you as a great social justice essay topic example. Now you are almost ready to start writing. The last thing left for you is to take these few tips we have prepared. They will aid you beyond our website and help you write your essay.

  • Carefully select the subject of your essay. Do not pick something boring but something exciting that has an impact on the life we live or our society. It should be something relevant to the latest issues happening.
  • Make sure your essay topic is not too narrow or broad-minded. It must be a social issue with a lot to be said, yet not too much, so everyone can speak whatever they want.
  • Make sure you conduct a proper background check on the social issue you plan to write about. Do not write only from experience but with proven facts.
  • When writing any type of essay, the best thing you can do is bring out facts. An essay paper may be about anything, but without being backed by examples, it is just empty words.
  • Please keep it simple, make the tone friendly or informative, and do not get too emotional over the topic you have selected to write about.

In addition, when writing a social issue essay, make sure you check your facts. You do not want to write about facing issues that can cause you problems. Lastly, check and proofread your work a few times before submitting it, making sure it’s full.

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