Their own Needs with the Needs of their Customers

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Updated: Jun 27, 2022
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The purpose of this paper is to discuss intellectual property, how it is determined and what intellectual property consist of. Combined with intellectual property is the case that pertains to technology, a cell phone specifically, and if the shape or the color of the phone is considered “intellectual property.” Samsung and Apple are always fighting to protect the rights to their products, which is also considered, intellectual property. In today’s society you see a lot more businesses in fight to protect their real, personal and intellectual property in which the business, reputation and its revenue are based on. The three questions that I will discuss in this paper are: how businesses can balance their own needs with the needs of their customers if consumers lives are dependent of the products would this change the balance to sway more towards the consumer needs rather than the business and based on the second question, using a biblical worldview, would you run the company differently?

Companies in today’s society are truly more invested in their own interest rather than considering suggestions and interest of their consumers, and this is done for the reason of businesses being greedy. Sometime ago when businesses really cared about the interest of the consumer and what was necessary, this was not an issue therefore, there has been a shift in ethical and moral value. Companies today are more concerned with the personal profit of their organization instead of having concerns for the needs of it’s customers forgetting why the company was able to exist in the first place. I personally, think it is very important that companies stay true to their mission statements and values of their organization and meeting the balance between the business and the customers.

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There are three types of property, real property, personal property, and intellectual property. Real property is the land and everything that is attached to the land. Real property an consist of having rights to water that may bee on your land, and mineral rights. If you find minerals in your land it is your right to have owner’s protected rights to that. Personal property is defined as anything that is tangible. Personal property consists of books, shoes, purses, clothing and etc., the differences between personal and real property is that personal property can be moved and real property can’t. Intellectual property, is considered intangible. Intellectual property primarily protects the rights to trademark, copyright, and patent rights, and this is definitely needed when having a business or organization that contains customers.

How Can Businesses Balance Their Own Needs With the Needs Of Their Customers For profit organizations constantly look for ways to maximize their revenue therefore, if a business is not making enough profit to cover its monthly expenses then it wouldn’t be successful or beneficial to the business because they have to put more money into the business than what is being made. When a business tends to make decisions like this, I feel that they should ensure that the customers needs are met, and if the customer is happy then they would be able to bring in more revenue for their business. The customer will always be a huge factor in the business success or even failures, and it is about how you tend to our consumers and take their feelings into considerations when creating or selling a product.

Companies should work to better the balance between the customer and the business because they want to keep their business successful so the right and ethical thing to do is to create a balance between your consumer and the business. Never let the customer feel like the business doesn’t care about their dollar or decisions and, if a company does decide to do that then, they will lose revenue. In an article written on the importance of customer care, the author says, “Firms can learn a great deal from customers, and if a corporation can better understand the products and services needed by consumers, then it can become a leader and not a follower .” It goes on to say, “Customer relationship capital has a distinctive influence on corporate performance evaluation, and this will be enhanced by the influence of the elements that comprise intellectual capital.”

According to an article written on customer satisfaction, the author says, “Customer satisfaction occurs when the person feels that the benefits received meet or exceed product expectations.” It then goes on to say, “Value perceptions are thus critical to the firm given recent meta?analytic findings that demonstrate the significant impact of customer satisfaction on attitudinal loyalty and purchase intentions.” This quote to me means that any person or factor that takes time out of their life to invest or use any monetary benefits and gives to a business takes part in making that business successful therefore, the consumers should always be thought of when wanting to creat or sell a new product.

If Consumers Lives are Dependent Of the Products Would This Change the Balance to Sway More Towards the Consumer Needs Rather than the Business According to an article written regarding the relationship of customer ethics, the author says, “The consumer’s primary relationship is with his personal supplier of financial services and most likely the individual with whom he deals regularly. Because of the nature of the transaction, this relationship is built on trust.” It goes on to say, “Reflecting social and economic systems, corporate codes ought to enable stakeholders to integrate their values with those of the organization in order to accept the obligations contained within them, so reducing ambiguity and instances of moral dilemma.”

A loot of companies have a mission to create new products that makes the consumers life depend on that product. When including ethical and moral responsibilities, companies should create products that focuses more on the consumer deepening on that products for the use of their health and livelihood. Using a Biblical Worldview, Would You Run the Company Differently? In Romans 12:2 the Bible states, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.”When looking at things from a biblical perspective, I wouldn’t make my interests in the businesses no more important than the consumers interest. I would stick to my mission, and in fact use consumer involvement and engagement within the business, the products I creat and what I sell. I finish this paper with a scripture from Colossians 3:17, “And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. To me this means that business and people in general need to do things n the correct form and in the name of the Lord Jesus.


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