Stepping Right: a Closer Look at Skechers’ Approach to Customer Service

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Updated: Nov 17, 2023
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When it comes to customer service, footwear giant Skechers has been lacing up its efforts to ensure that every step a customer takes is not just in comfortable shoes but also towards a satisfying shopping experience. Known widely for their diverse range of lifestyle and performance footwear, the American establishment has understood that to stride ahead in today’s market, it’s not enough to merely sell a shoe – one needs to sell an experience. In this essay, I will tread through the facets of Skechers’ customer service that highlight the company’s commitment to their patrons and what it reveals about the current state of customer care in the retail industry.

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Skechers has embedded customer service into the very fabric of its brand identity, adopting a user-centric approach that sees queries not as burdens but as opportunities to build a rapport with the customer. This is not just about answering a question; it’s about affirming the customer’s choice in Skechers, ensuring they feel valued long after the initial purchase. Their strategy hinges on accessibility and responsiveness. Be it through email, phone, or live chat, Skechers has created multiple avenues for customers to reach out, reflecting an understanding that in the age of instant gratification, the patience for help is thinner than the soles of worn-out sneakers.

Furthermore, Skechers takes strides in personalization. Customer service representatives are not script-readers but trained professionals empowered to solve problems with a personal touch. The focus here is on creating a human connection, a refreshing touch in an increasingly automated world. This human-centric approach not only resolves issues but also cultivates loyalty. After all, a customer remembered is a customer returned.

The feedback loop is another aspect of Skechers’ customer service worthy of note. Post-purchase emails and surveys are common, but the company takes it a step further by actively engaging with customer reviews and social media feedback. By addressing negative reviews with the same attentiveness as praise, Skechers showcases a brand unafraid of critique and willing to lace up and address shortcomings. This level of transparency is a comfort to consumers who are more inclined to trust a brand that doesn’t hide from its missteps.

However, it’s not just about reacting to feedback. Skechers has demonstrated a proactive approach in anticipating customer needs. By analyzing purchase histories and customer interactions, they tailor their offerings and communications, ensuring that customers receive relevant product recommendations and information. This is not just about pushing sales; it’s about enhancing the shopping journey, making it more intuitive and less intrusive.

A remarkable point about Skechers’ customer service is its adaptability. In the wake of global disruptions like the COVID-19 pandemic, the brand was quick to alter its return policies, extending timelines and simplifying processes to accommodate the challenges faced by customers. This flexibility speaks volumes of a brand that walks in the shoes of its customers, understanding that empathy is a cornerstone of exceptional service.

Yet, it is crucial to mention that no company is without its missteps, and Skechers is no exception. There have been instances of customers facing issues with product quality or return procedures. But what sets Skechers apart is how these challenges are handled — not with corporate detachment but with a genuine desire to resolve the matter to the customer’s satisfaction.

In concluding, Skechers’ customer service is more than just a department; it’s a reflection of a brand philosophy that views customers as the vital component to the brand’s success. By prioritizing accessibility, personalization, transparency, proactivity, and adaptability, Skechers not only sells shoes; they foster relationships. And in the bustling marketplace of today where every brand is vying for attention, those relationships are the currency of brand loyalty. Skechers, it seems, has invested wisely.

This exploration of Skechers’ customer service offers valuable insights for any retail brand aspiring to enhance customer satisfaction. It underscores the timeless truth that in commerce, like in life, it’s the steps we take to understand and value each other that truly make the journey worthwhile.

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