How Else Can Nordstrom Continue to Provide Exceptional Customer Service and Grow Brand Loyaltys?

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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How Else Can Nordstrom Continue to Provide Exceptional Customer Service and Grow Brand Loyaltys?

This essay will explore innovative strategies Nordstrom can implement to continue providing exceptional customer service and enhance brand loyalty. It will analyze the company’s current service model and identify areas for potential improvement and innovation. The focus will be on integrating technology to personalize customer experiences, developing loyalty programs, and adapting to changing consumer behaviors and preferences. The essay aims to offer insights into how Nordstrom can maintain its reputation for superior service while evolving to meet modern retail challenges and opportunities. Moreover, at PapersOwl, there are additional free essay samples connected to Customer.

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Nordstrom has been in business since its establishment as a small shoe store in Seattle back in 1901 by John W.

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Nordstrom. Over the years, the shoe store has grown into a renowned fashion chain store operated by his generation. While establishing the company, John Nordstrom had in his mind the desire to provide clients with top notch customer service and high-quality merchandise to fit everyone’s needs and budget. The customer-based focus with which the company was established by John W. Nordstrom has been maintained by his sons even after his retirement. Some of the attitudes held by Nordstrom included having many sizes in each style than having the inadequate supply to ensure that customers are not frustrated at any time.

A Look into How the Company have Been run so Far

After his retirement, his sons established a policy that ensured smooth flow of the business even during times of disagreements. The company has been handed over to various generation, and today it is in the hands of the fourth generation. Each of the generations continually sets standards that promote customer service and loyalty which means that they haven’t deviated from the desire of the founding father. Under the leadership of the third generation consisting of Bruce, John, Jim and Jack, a philosophy that focuses on empowering managers and the salespeople while rewarding energetic individuals which have greatly assisted the company in moving forward. The company under the leadership of the third generation decentralized its purchasing processes where regional managers were given freedom to purchase styles that sell in their region.

Other policies aiming at exceptional customer services that have been adopted by the company include no question return policy, sending of appreciation letters to shoppers, delivery of goods in good time and installation of a personal book where customer’s details are entered for the personalized shopping experience. The company ensures that its aisles are neat and organized with big windows for display and large well-illuminated dressing rooms. Customers are also rewarded for loyalty.

A look at the above policies shows that the company’s customer satisfaction policy has been of great benefit to the company especially in maintaining customer loyalty. Today the company is well established, and if it continues offering customer based services, it is likely to rise into a bigger trading giant than it is today. Its operations are likely to get into more countries from the current 44 and more full-line store established. Some of the ways in which Nordstrom can continue to provide exemplary customer services as well as grow brand loyalty are discussed below.

Soliciting Feedback from Customers

Nordstrom should develop a system or a platform that helps in receiving feedback from customers and shoppers. Feedback collected from customers is important in making decisions helpful in improving the business. The company should seek ways of soliciting feedback from past clients. One way of achieving this goal is by using the contacts left in the personal book to reach out to customers to fill in or answer survey questions. The comments received from the customers should form a basis for increasing sales and making the customer experience even better than it is currently.

Take Advantage of the Negative Feedback

No company would like to hear negative comments being made against it. However, instead of feeling hurt by such criticism, the company should take it as an opportunity of turning the customer experience into something better. There is no perfect business, and therefore the feedback given by customers forms a basis of improving as you progress. Addressing complaints makes customers feel that the company cares and ultimately results in increased customer engagement and increased customer loyalty.

Educate and Inform Customers

Provision of Educational and information related to your products and services have the potential of boosting customer relations. The company should ensure that it is not only responsive but also offers customers with information and knowledge relating to the styles provided by the company.

Creation of Communities

Nordstrom can continually improve their customer service delivery by bringing them together. Some of the ways in which customers can be brought together include the establishment of webinars, social media, interactive websites and having trade shows. The company should further follow-up after a solution to a problem is offered to ensure that issues stay fixed.

In conclusion, it can be seen that the company is moving in the appropriate way because it has maintained customer service delivery at its best. Since the establishment of the company in 1901 however small it was, it has improved over time in term of customer satisfaction. There is room for more, but still, it has a room for the betterment of services to an even better standing as discussed in the paper.


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