Customer Service Quality Analysis and about Engaging Customers to Take an Active Role in Services

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Updated: Jun 18, 2022
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How does the fact that a service affect the offering and perceived risk? Think in terms of intangibility, inseparability, variability, and perishability.

Service is affected by many characteristics. For example, an intangibility service is identified by things that an individual cannot see, taste, feel, hear, or smell (Kotler & Keller, 2016, p.1402). Many service industries fall under offering and perceived risk because they do not hold tangible products, for instance, Sylvania Learning Center or any other academic tutoring facility as such do not contain real products.

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As a client, I will not know the results of effective tutoring service with positive outcomes unless I receive tutoring services after some time. Therefore, customers will consider different elements to create a “tangible” product of tutoring services. Something I took into consideration in respect to a tangible product of service includes features such as the physical appearance of the place and the people working the tutoring site.

I considered the location of the tutoring site is creating the ease of entering and exiting the facility. Inside I checked for the layout of the equipment, desk, chairs, tables, and the colors used to create a learning environment. I also checked for symbols such as tutor credentials, education degrees and other certificates mounted on the walls to assure me that my child will be assisted accurately and the site is equipped with the desirable tutors. As a customer I will want to check the price of the service, I weigh the service price as “too good to be true” or a fair and adequate rate. I will also take into consideration the informational flyer that was created to advertise the services. For tutoring services, the provider-client must have interactions (Kotler & Keller, 2016, p. 403) and inseparability is a characteristic of tutoring services because the provider is part of the service being offered.

Usually tutoring services run with multiple sessions I want know if the sessions will be more personalized or in group contacts. Variability is common in service industries because it all depends on the individuals providing the service. Tutor’s variability also varies on the knowledge of the skilled subjects. I also considered the access of online tutoring if for some reason there is a conflict with physical presences. Perishable is another characteristic of tutoring services, for example, the tutoring establishment can create a differential pricing. Providing peak pricing during the academic school year and offer a discounted price during summer time can create better management of demand and supply for the services. Tutors can also provide services by appointment; reservations are a measurable way to control and manage needs.

How has the company helped consumers to overcome the perceived risk? Offer suggestions for further ways to overcome the perceived risk.

Authors Kotler and Keller (2016) suggests decreasing the perceived risk in tutoring services by adequately hiring a qualified tutor and staff. The company can invest in appropriate training to reduce perceived risk (Kotler & Keller, 2016). A good training program for tutors should include areas of customer service, empathy, compassion, learning disabilities, and knowledgeable in the different subject as well as other elements related to providing exceptional customer service and tutoring services. For example, to avoid risk, the tutors at this establishment must pass a subject test to minimize a perceived academic risk. Empathy is also critical for example if my child will be able to address his concerns with a tutor who is caring and expresses compassion toward him and his inability to understand the material at hand. The delivery of the instruction can also decrease the perceived risk by training tutors to address different methods of tutoring depending on the clients learning style. For example, tutors can use different equipment such as whiteboard for both student and tutor, laptops, or tablets. Another suggestion to reduce perceived risk is by allowing parents to wait for their child at the facility in the lobby. Another idea to minimize risk is having a detailed report on the academic progress of the participant.

Service quality analysis: How was your experience in terms of reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy, and tangibles?

My analysis and the experience from the tutoring service industry under reliability is essential to me because I expect to have tutoring service when I have paid for the sessions. When I take my son, I hope for tutors to be available and prepared for the tutoring session. Kotler and Keller state, “reliability is the single most important dimension of service quality and must be a priority (Kotler & Keller, 2016, p.441). Responsiveness is also a significant quality for managing customer expectations; for example, I want the tutor to be willing to help my son with his concerns. I also want the tutoring staff to keep me as the parent informed about tutoring progress and be prepared to answer parent concerns. Another important attribute to service quality is the assurance that the employees instill confidence in customers (Kotler and Keller, 2016). Requesting tutoring services have different effects on different individuals, and it could be a sensitive matter to children and teens.

Therefore, a high level of confidence in the tutoring site is essential for a healthy interaction between tutors and clients. A critical component for quality customers expectations is the element of empathy. Kotler and Keller define empathy as “the provision of caring and individualized attention to customers (Kotler & Keller, 2016, p.442). Empathy plays a vital role in tutoring services. No one should feel inept for seeking tutoring services so a tutor must provide compassion and understanding to the participant. Different methods the tutors can display empathy are good eye contact, shaking and nodding of the head for acknowledging that information is considered, active listening and offer help. The last attribute that reflects service quality is tangibles. Tangibles in a tutoring facility include the professional appearance of the tutors and physical site. For example, does the tutoring site have the desirable equipment like computers or tablets another item to consider under tangibles is the study material used in the tutoring sessions, for instance, are books current editions with updated information for a successful study session. The five different dimensions are the “main requirements for delivering high service quality” (Kotler & Keller, 2018, p.440).

Using the service quality components above, how could the company improve its service? How does the service incorporate the customer into the co-creation process? How might they enhance co-creation and perhaps also use self-service technologies?

Sylvania Learning Center and other tutoring facilities can improve their customer service by incorporating the five different attributes of service qualities. The first step is to implement a training session over excellent customer service and the five dimensions. For instance, avoid making minimal errors and address customer questions and concerns promptly. Doing the job right and fast action on the complaint is the number two attributes most meaningful to customers, (Kotler & Keller, 2016). The company needs to incorporate a process to effectively and efficiently empower employees on how to handle customers. Enabling employees and treating them well will provide a ripple effect on customers.

Therefore customers receive quality services. In today’s technological world consumers want to be an active role in their purchases and services. Thus, added technology features to the tutoring site can enhance services by providing consumer convenience. One example the tutoring facility can add is a business application where participants can secure and cancel appointments. This application could also display reports on tutoring progress for parent convenience. The app can also incorporate lesson plans or relevant topics about the participants subject. Today’s technological advances provide service companies an avenue for customers to engage an take an active role in services. 

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