Scholarships for College Athletes

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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This essay will discuss the role of scholarships in supporting college athletes. It will cover the types of scholarships available, their benefits, and how they serve as compensation for student-athletes. PapersOwl showcases more free essays that are examples of College.

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College athletes have enough to worry about without having to hold a job. When you are recruited from high school to go play college ball you are among the 2% of students selected, which is a very small percentage. That means there are not very many high school athletes talented enough to play in college and then on to professionals. With such a small amount of talented athletes I think that it is important for the athlete to focus completely on school and the sport he or she was given the scholarship for.

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Coming from a small town high school and seeing that not many of my upperclassmen or fellow classmates have received athletic scholarships, I feel it is important for the ones lucky enough to go to college for sports to stay committed and focused on being the best they can be. It will be hard for a student to keep their grades up while playing ball and holding down a job. I know that employers want committed employees who will show up and give 100% every day of work. A college athlete would not be able to do this for the employer. When a student is focused on giving their best in school and in the sport they have been given the scholarship to play they will not be able to give 100% to their employer.

A lot of people think that athletes are just dumb jocks. When colleges go to recruit a student they look at their grades as well. If a student has failed a lot of classes they are not going to get offered a scholarship. They have to graduate in the top half of their class, have at least a 2.0 GPA and or score a 18 on their ACT. So a college is going to expect the student they have given their scholarship too, to maintain their grades. They would not be able to do that at the level they could without a job.

A coach has seen the potential an athlete has. He has attended a game or two of his or her in high school. That coach will expect the same effort and behavior when that student gets to college, if not more. The coach may feel that since the athlete is older and now at the college level they can do more than what they have shown. So if they start a new job it will take focus away from their sport. Having a job can mean having to be up later at night or getting up earlier in the morning. Not being able to commit to going to the gym, or certain other obligations the college or coach requires from you.

Being a student and a kid that works is not only time consuming, but it could interfere with my education and my performance on the court. When people have the chance to play ball and not worry about needing to work and support themselves they need to take that opportunity. It does have good things and bad things associated with paying athletes. The negative that comes with paying college players is that players and or parents could demand more money based on how the student is playing and meeting his contract deal. The good side to this is the opportunity that comes with a student getting to play for more than just their scholarship. When a player is recruited they are given a scholarship. Usually a scholarship will cover part or all of the students educational cost. It is then left to the student to hold a job and pay for his own personal things that are extra from school.

Schools pay to have students come to their universities all the time. This is through the form of scholarships. At the same time those students who play sports bring in money for the school. When athletes bring that money into the school they should have a cut of it for their efforts. The research I have discussed shows that when students do not have to work it gives them a better chance at doing good in the classroom and while playing their sport.

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