What is Volleyball

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Updated: Dec 24, 2019
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What is Volleyball essay

Volleyball is a team sport that is played by two teams consisting of six players each separated by a net.

The players use their hands in an organized manner to strike the ball. The goal of the players is to ground the ball on the turf of the other team. In this game, the two teams compete for points which are accumulated from opponents mistakes. In this sport, the team that ends up with the most points over the entire duration of the match wins.

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Volleyball was incorporated in the official Summer Olympic Games program in 1964 (Volleyball.com, 2017). Just like any other sport, volleyball has specific rules that must be followed by players and match officials. Technically, one player serves the ball by tossing it with the hand over the net to the opponents court. The receiving team must make sure that the ball does not hit the ground. The opponents can return the ball by making up to a maximum of three touches.

However, no single player should make two consecutive touches before releasing the ball. In this game, a team gains a point if the ball hits opponents court or when the opponent commits a foul. Some of the common faults in volleyball include playing the ball outside the court, catching the ball, double hitting the ball or more than three touches by a single team (NCAA 2017). For a team to be successful, there are playing techniques that the team must execute properly. Spiking is a play technique where a player hits the ball hard towards the opponents turf to score points. The opponents can save the spike by blocking using double or single hand. Other techniques used in volleyball include vertical jump, passing and setting as well as specialized team structures. According to NCAA (2017), the sport involves both mental concentration and physical aptitude for the team to succeed.


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